Review Skin CosmoTech Anniversary, which turns your iPhone into a perfect iPhone EDGE!


Published on Apr 21, 2018


A few days ago, on our account of Instagram, a user sent us a very nice photo where the iPhone 7 was disguised as iPhone EDGE (the first iPhone). This was not a cover but a Skin that adds a thickness irrelevant to the smartphone and ensures that the end effect is really realistic. The skin we liked a lot, and we wanted to try it on the iPhone X.

The result is what you see in the picture above. The design of the new smartphone is respected, but the aluminum finish with the lower part black gives it a completely different look. Fans of the first iPhone will surely enjoy this Skin on sale through CosmoTech, the Italian point of reference for this kind of accessories.

The Skin is one of the most resistant I have ever tried, and it protects very well the phone from scratches but, of course, is not a cover, therefore we can not say the same about the drop protection. When it approaches to a similar product, the biggest concern is: “if the purchase, and then not put good? I will have thrown my money?” The answer is very simple: it is virtually impossible to apply badly because this skin can be removed and re-applied many times without damage nor loose grip, just only approach it in the right way, thing that now we are going to explain in detail.

The Skin “Anniversary” in the style of the iPhone Edge is the only one to be composed of two pieces. Usually, the application starts from the bottom, but in this case we recommend you to begin from the aluminum. Now remove the sticker and allineatela to the camera and Apple logo. Started to lean slightly the finger on the surface to make it adhere and to understand if it is aligned also with the volume keys and the power. Once this process has terminated, leave the curved parts still explained. We will show you later how to proceed.

Now take the black part. Started the application from the curve below, aligning the skins to the holes of the speaker, the microphone and the Lightning. From here, roll the Skin up to cover the back of your smartphone, where it will arrive perfectly at the limit with the silver top.

The easy part is just finished, now it's your turn at the corners. There is only one way to get a perfect result. Attention:

Proceed as in the video, not attached to the Skin by making him do the bend with your hands but, heat the affected area with the hair Dryer, in such a way as to make it more soft and easy-fitting, then push the knob on the mousepad by the curve. In this way adhere perfectly and evenly. Perform this operation for the 4 sides and shall be fixed only at the corners.

For the corners, heat again the wings with the hair dryer. Do this for about 40 seconds (not less) and then roll it out to cover the entire curve. In this operation, we recommend that you do it with the hands instead of with the method of the Mousepad. If you do not heat the flap, you should have small ripples, and then used the cleaning cloth for the glasses to rub up and down along the angle of the person concerned and re-heated. Once you have complied and completed this procedure, you should not even have a small wrinkle. If the result is not perfect, loosen completely the flap, warm again, and riapplicatela.

The entire procedure of the angles is recommended that it be starting from the bottom (the black part of the skin), because in the package of the model Anniversary you get two black parts, to avoid errors of any kind. In my case it was not necessary to use the second Skin included, and following the instructions above, you will be able to have a good result you also. So remember: hair dryer and mousepad to the sides, hair-dryer and pezzetta of the glasses to the corners.

It takes about 5 minutes. Don't be intimidated by the explanation, because in practice the application is not difficult.

The result is satisfactory and the quality of the skin is really pleasant to the touch. Plus it's waterproof and is not ruined with water, liquids, dirt, and whatever else. Once it is removed it will not leave a residue.

In addition to the Skin Anniversary, on a CosmoTech there are many others, with marble effect, wood effect, skin of the dragon, carbon fiber, hive and so on. The price various depending on the iPhone and model. The Skin Anniversary for iPhone X costs 22,90€ but is also available for all other iPhone.

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