Review Router and Repeater AUKEY that extends the WiFi signal


Published on Dec 02, 2016


Today we will talk about a device that is multipurpose especially useful to get a lot more from your connection to the internet. We are talking about the Repeater AUKEY able to function as a Router, Wireless AP and as a repeater.

The main use that we will see in this article is to WiFi Repeater or use its 3 antennas to pick up the WiFi signal already coming from the Router to the original, in order to extend it and bring it in the rooms most remote and distant of our home, allowing us then to use the WiFi even where you do not get the signal, or to increase the speed where it is particularly weak.

The device is very small, probably more than what we can imagine by looking at the pictures. In addition to the 3 antennas are well visible, we have a WPS button on the front, a LAN port and a LAN port/WAN on the bottom side, one button ON and OFF on the left and another button that allows the user to change the operation mode between the Router and a Wireless AC Repeater.

To configure it as a Repeater, not have to do is plug it in to an electrical outlet, and turn it on by moving the switch on the ON button. Then press the WPS button central for 6 seconds. Now we have about 2 minutes to get to the main router and press for approximately 3 seconds the WPS button on the same. Immediately, the devices will match and will be transferred to the access keys.

The procedure continues to the computer: open the control panel of the WiFi connection and you will find two new items (Wireless-AC and Wireless-N). Connect to one of the two (both are free and without a password), then open the browser and type:

The panel of the device will ask for username and password, enter “admin” in both fields and you will be able to log in. Of course, it is advisable to change these data immediately after the first access.

At this point, click on “Repeater Wizard”, select your main Router from the list, enter the name that you want to your Wireless connection, enter the WPA password, and the procedure will be completed.

Now you can connect your smartphone or computer to this new WiFi network, which you have to strategically place in the room where you placed the router and the one that is not reached by the signal. You can finally enjoy the highest network speed, without any effort.

The device conforms to the standard IEEE 802.11 ac / a / b / g / n and is dual band connections sumultanee 5 GHz 433 Mbps and 2.4 GHz 300 Mbps for a total bandwidth equal to 733 Mbps. It is also great for streaming online video, and games.

You can also set it as a WiFi router by connecting a cable to the Ethernet from the ADSL Modem. In this way you will transform your wired connection into a WiFi connection.

Inside the package you will also find an instruction manual in various languages, including Italian, which will assist you during the configuration and use of the three modes.

The Repeater AUKEY has a cost 39,99€ and is available on Amazon.





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