Review Netatmo Healthy Home Coach, the device HomeKit, which controls the quality of air in indoor environments


Published on Nov 25, 2018


Netatmo is a company that creates smart accessories that are connected to our smartphones via HomeKit. It is famous for its smart thermostat to the boiler, the individual but also produces many other interesting accessories. What I speak today is the Measurer of the Quality of the Air, which is also available at a discounted price during the Cyber Monday.

This product measures the essential parameters of the internal environment and it can be really important if you have a baby, but not only. It helps to live in an environment that is more healthy and thanks to Push Notifications do not run more risks.

The packaging is minimal. Inside is the device, Netatmo, the instructions and the charger with micro-usb cable.

After you have connected the Gauge of the quality of the air at the current, we will not have to do anything other than open the application Home on the iPhone and add a new device. With the camera we are going to frame the code applied on the label, and the pairing will be done in a few seconds.

By downloading the official application, we will have a graphic and simplified access to all the information that this device is able to capture and determine thanks to a series of sensors which it is equipped.

In particular we find:

The device has a design that is very pleasing, in line with the other products Netatmo. It is a small cylinder of anodized aluminum, measuring 45 x 45 x 155 mm. In addition to the application, it can also be operated with a simple touch on the upper part.

This gesture will activate a light and to the colour we will be able to immediately understand the state of the room, without having to look at your smartphone.

In this video you can see the various uses and possible scenarios:

As we said at the beginning, the device is in the discount from 99,99€ to 74.99€ on the occasion of Cyber Monday directly from the official website with free shipping, 2 year Warranty and the ability to make a return within 60 days. The device is also available on

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