Review lenses dodocool 3-in-1 Clip-On 180°

Published on Apr 28, 2016

Lenses dodocool 3-in-1 are lenses that can take pictures in macro, wide(wide-angle and fisheye, andiamone to see all the details.


The package is an enclosure of black color which closes with a zip, and inside it there are:


Lenses dodocool 3-in-1 are built with materials of excellent quality, easy to fit, thanks to convenient clips in the package that allow you to hold firmly the lenses during the use, really good this technology is, we usually have encountered the lenses that were glued on the back of the product which is truly ugly to behold, and would spoil the body of the phone.

The fisheye lens is really nice, perhaps excessive the black border that is created, the edge is removed by making a small zoom, to the detriment of the quality of the image. The lens is wide-angle (wide) is really useless, they could also avoid it to enter, once installed it is really difficult to note the difference between the before and after. The Macro lens is really good, with a zoom of 10x allows the macro photos look really spectacular, we were very surprised by this lens. Remember that to get the macro lens you have to unscrew it from the lens WIDE.


Lenses dodocool 3-in-1 are really fun, especially useful to those who want to spend little but want a quality product. The macro lens is really good while the lens WIDE is really useless, enough, instead, to the fisheye lens. The price is about 12 euro, if you are interested in purchasing click here: AMAZON

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