Review KKMOON, cover with Fish-eye lenses, Wide angle and Macro for iPhone – VIDEO


Published on Apr 25, 2016


If you are a fan of the #iPhonePhotography, then a product such as the cover KKMOON could come in very useful. This product, which is composed of a cover and a lens for the iPhone, will allow you to take photos, benefiting from a wide-angle lens, a macro and a fish-eye. Let's discover together the product in our review!

Let's face it. The aesthetic is not to secure the maximum regarding KKMOON. As well as coming in a pack is “minimal” (to be good) the product looks rather ugly. A factor certainly to be considered, given that in the market there are less invasive solutions. But going beyond this, at a functional level of safe the product behaves rather well thanks to its three interchangeable lenses.

The case is made of silicone (on the inside, to protect the iPhone) and plastic and is water-resistant certified to IP54, resistant to dust and scratches. The screen is completely covered by the housing which, unfortunately, does not guarantee a good response from the touchscreen after the application. But as you apply the case? Unfortunately not in the most intuitive way and is easily reversible: you will have to, in fact, to stay before the iPhone on the “bed” of silicone, and then seal the two outer parts of the housing with four screws. This results in a process that is certainly longer than many will be willing to accept.

As already said, we have three lenses: a wide angle, a macro and a fish-eye. The first, of course, we will extend, if only slightly, the “field of vision” of the iPhone, to include the subject; the second will allow us to magnification really interesting; the third will turn our iPhone into a small action cam, even if the vignettattura will be significant. You can find examples of photos taken with each lens to follow.

The experience of using the product, for me, has been strongly conditioned by the design of the product which, in addition to being questionable, is either the iPhone uncomfortable in the hand. Thanks to the same design, however the phone turns into a small slr: we have in fact four types of interchangeable lenses (if you add to the standard lens) for use depending on the situation. Not bad at the end.

If you are interested, you can buy the cover KKMOON and its objectives from Amazon by following this link. The price is, at the time of writing this article, of 24,99€. By using the discount code 5SP8K9IV you can save 20% on the purchase of this product.

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