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Published on Oct 27, 2018


Today we show you some of the products of Meridia, an Italian company with a large experience in the processing of the skin. For some years the brand has also specialized in the production of accessories for Apple devices, in particular straps, the Apple Watch and iPhone Covers.

There is a great attention to these products and realize it already from the packaging. As soon as we open the boxes, the smell of the leather is very strong and this is already a very good signal of quality. The layer of skin that creates the strap for the Apple Watch is very thick and this makes it also very hard. Will need a few days to actually take the roundish shape of the wrist and soften, giving the skin all those wrinkles typical of the product.

The strap has a buckle in aluminum, colored exactly like the body of the watch. Visually, the appearance is that of a classic accessory and refined, but at the same time modern. Simply choose a dial suitable, as, for example, animated fire, and the impact will be insured.

In the back of the strap we find the brand name Meridia, from one side, and the trademark genuine leather Made in Italy on the other. On the official site are available many different collections of bracelets, some even under the blanket.

In addition to the many straps for the Apple Watch available on the Store, recently Meridia was launched in the iPhone covers. Also in this area the results are excellent.

The cover that we have tried is really nice, with a double pocket on the back and visible stitching. Two different colors of the skin involving a dark brown and the other one tending to orange. In the back we will be able to enter a credit card or simply leave it and enjoy the effect two-tone.

The uniqueness of the product lies in the aperture, both the side and bottom are very wide, leaving the keys and all holes are easily accessible. All of this does not compromise security because of the smartphone will be well protected on every side and in every corner, with the cover that overlays the screen, creating a small thickness external.

The interior is in microfiber to prevent scratches from dust. The base of the cover is hard plastic, which then of course was coated with a layer of skin. The inside of the cover is not coated, and then along the inner edges of the phone will touch directly with the plastic.

With these two products Meridia has managed to blend a classic and modern Design to the quality of Italian products. Among other things it is possible to engrave your own initials or those of another person and to request a Gift Box for a really special gift.

The case shown in the article is the Cigar and it costs 39€. The strap, however, is the Clay – Tawny and costs 84€. We have a discount Coupon available: ispazio_15 and will discount the entire catalog of products from 15€ excluding those in the promotion or with other coupons. Consequently, the housing Cigar will cost only 24€ (an unbeatable price), and the Strap 69€

Exploited the same Coupon to get the discount of 15€ on all other products on sale. If you prefer other colors or other models, the savings is guaranteed, and so the ratio quality/price is unsurpassed.

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