Review Huawei Nova 5T: an almost TOP without any unnecessary frills


Published on Dec 03, 2019


Review Huawei Nova 5T: an almost TOP without any unnecessary frills

Nova 5T is the new medium-range Huawei which closes this 2019 with a summary of those that have been the main changes seen this year in the field of smartphones. The summary in question, however, is not entirely new, given that the smartphone represents the rebirth of Honor 20 Pro under the brand “Huawei”. The two devices are practically identical in terms of hardware and design, if not for any smallness that has allowed this model to cut down the price of over 200€. In this review you will find all the strengths and weaknesses of this device that, according to our point of view, it could be a true “Best Buy” of the end of the year. Remember that this is not a top of the range, therefore, it does not make sense to make comparisons and references to Apple and the iPhone.

Huawei nova 5T starts the emulation of the its like starting from the design on the rear... the same housing vertical for the 4 cameras, already seen in a similar way also on Huawei P30 and P30 Pro but no zoom or optical sensors details of any kind. These are simple cameras with its own peculiarities, which we will see in more detail below.

The rear panel of this smartphone has a plot, which is atypical, consisting of a pattern formed by the logo “NOVA” rotated progressively 90°. It really is so so special, because by varying the angle of the smartphone, the paint defines a “holographic”, a clear most on the logo lower in contrast, which creates some nice games of depth through the reflection of the light.

Of course, this applies only to this color, or the Midsummer Purple. Huawei Nova 5T is also available in two other colours, or classic and elegant, coloring Black and can also visit Crush Blue where the depth effect is still present but much less obvious.

If the back of this smartphone is vaguely reminiscent of Honor 20 pro, the analogy continues with the front of the device, where there are exactly the same as the display. It is a IPS LCD 6.26" high quality... it certainly is not a OLED but reproduces details in a very crisp, plus they offer colors, particularly brilliant. Of course, being a LCD, we will note the limit between the bezel and the display, and some small turn to grey to vary the angle of vision.

The display of Huawei Nova 5t covers almost the entire front surface, thereby maximizing the user experience with the edges cut down to the bone thanks to the use of a capsule of a headset to the thin, upward-facing, and a front-facing camera is integrated directly in the display.

This camera allows us to take great selfie, definitely improved thanks to the possibility to use the HDR and artificial intelligence that will make it very bright colours and prominent details even in low-light conditions. Of course, we speak of a sensor 32MP, then the second most powerful on this smartphone after the rear room of the main 48 Megapixels. Needless to say, the front camera allows us to shoot video quality is ok, even in FullHD at 30 fps

The capsule headset does its job, the sound in call or when listening to voice messages appears to be of excellent quality. You do not feel any vibration or metallic effect seen in the past with other similar models. All in all a great listening experience that is repeated with the main speaker with mono. Always remaining in theme, also good reception. Huawei Nova 5T is only available in dual sim version. On the left side we find, in fact, a space sim that is capable of accommodate at the same time 2 nano sim but not a Micro-SD card for memory expansion.

In principle, this should not be a big problem, since the internal memory is 128GB, which should be sufficient and hopefully, even move forward with respect to the target audience. How to Honor 20 Pro, also Huawei Nova 5T mounts a Kirin 980, or an 8-core made with the constructive process to 7nm. This chipset integrates a dual-NPU to better optimize the device and use the artificial intelligence that we'll use primarily in the use of the camera compartment. The whole is supported by 6GB of Ram, a good compromise is the equal of the smartphones that play in this category, with a performance from top of the range without overdoing it...

It should be stressed that Huawei Nova 5T supports GPU boost, which allows us to receive worthily of the totality of the available titles in terms of games, with the maximum of the fluidity and graphics are provided.

With regard to the safety systems, even on this smartphone we can find the facial recognition two-dimensional and very fast unlocking via fingerprint placed on the back of the key on the side. This configuration is definitely one of the most comfortable and ergonomic which make the recognition more efficient and immediate.

Huawei Nova 5T mounts on the back a total of 4 lenses:

This latter perspective enables us to see small details from a distance extremely close to just 4cm. Of course, from a sensor is only 2MP not we can expect great things. The choice of Huawei in this case was rather strange, since it is possible to obtain the same effect, with higher quality, taking advantage of the 2X zoom and the focus of the main room to 48MP.

So much stuff to night mode. This mode works very well in contexts that are extremely dark, but also in simple conditions at twilight or low light, where we get to effects, at times surreal, however, worthy of note. The mode nottourna can be used with any view, that is the standard, ultra-wide-angle or 2X.

Disappointing the much-praised portrait mode improved. The artificial intelligence is without a doubt her work, but subjects and objects in the foreground are cut-out displays in a way that is hardly optimal. The thing appears strange, given the previous Huawei and the Honor that they gave to us always have great bokeh. However, it could be a simple software problem to restore with future updates.

Up until a few months ago, we were accustomed to have your Android smartphone with performance and excelled in the pictures but very poor on video. In addition to the possibility (now obvious) to shoot in 4k up to 30 fps, Nova 5T offers finally a stabilisation worthy of being defined as such. The initial feeling is the use of a gymbal; recording movies we see a software fix made in real-time, literally “addrizza the shot” of our shots. The effect is very noticeable even with less hands surgical, for a final yield extremely fluid and cinematic.

Also good yield of color and detail, with precise steps during change of focus and a auto white balance a lot more than reactive. There is certainly still much work to do to reach the video quality of the iPhone but we are on a good road. With this model, Huawei has really made a big step forward.

This is definitely a product worthy of note. It is nothing new if we think it is the clone of a low cost of Honor 20 Pro. However, it could be interesting having Honor 20 Pro has lost the market because of its problems on launch because of the ban of Trump on China.

Let's say that if we had a budget lower than 500€, we could do a nice little thought. We always talk about a complete device and in step with the times. Of course, lack of optical zoom for the camera, lacks the quality of an OLED display, lack of Wireless charging, in short, lacks all of that “more”, which raises the price, often unnecessarily




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