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Published on Oct 23, 2016


Honor 8 is without a doubt one of the smartphone revelation of the year. Great Design, powerful, good (and big) camera, sensor, fingerprint, good, the screen is gorgeous, battery that meets, low price (but not very light). And the defects? Difficult to find, but someone out there is. Is the Best Buy of the year? Probably. Let's find out in our review!

If I were to elect, to date, the smartphone of 2016 that struck me the most, this would probably be your Honor 8. Design and colours wonderful (probably the best mix of the year) good materials, power, camera excellent (and double) the battery excellent, and the price absurd for a phone of this range. Here, Honor 8 is this but also much more. Let's find out in our review!

I can not honestly find the right words to express how much I enjoyed it, right from the first few minutes of use, this Honor 8. The phone adopts a design that is really clean, both on the front and on the back. Both sides of the smartphone are made of glass, while the frame is in aluminium. Very beautiful play of light that you create on the rear of the phone, especially on the blue version we tested.

On the front we find the beautiful screen from 5.2 inch, brand Honor at the bottom and the top of the capsule in the headset (that includes a notification LED) the front camera and the proximity sensor. On the right side of the smartphone is located the volume rocker that accompanies the power button, while on the left are the input for the dual-microSIM or a microSIM and a microSD to expand the 32 GB of built-in internal memory. At the top is the infrared port and the secondary microphone; at the bottom we find the main microphone, the speaker, the USB connector-C and the input jack 3.5 mm. On the back is located the module, with dual camera which, once again, Huawei manages to make it completely flush with the body, unlike what has been done by other companies. This, then, also a sensor for the laser focus and a dual-LED flash. Further down is located the sensor for the biometric recognition, very accurate and fast, which also includes a button clickable and customizable by the user. In my case I have matched the function “torch” to the pressure of this key; just tap it to unlock instantly Honor 8.

In his hand the smartphone is good: never slips, and it used to be pretty good with a hand (possibly, if needed, there is always the mode to a hand of the EMUI). Sin for the back that holds maybe a little too many fingerprints and the fact that the phone tends to slide a bit too much if supported on a plane. But these can not be understood as defects: simply Honor 8 is a smartphone with the back glass, with its merits and its defects, and these include the ones just mentioned.

At the edge of Honor 8 is mounted to a panel in IPS 5.2 inch really very interesting. We find ourselves faced with a Full HD which really makes good on this diagonal, and with surprising vividness of the colors, contrast and brightness. Virtually perfect viewing angles and well-calibrated whites. In short, a panel really satisfying. The side screen is only suggesting a regulation rather “lazy” of the brightness of the screen automatically.

Also in terms of power and Honor 8 surprisingly positive. On board we find the chip Kirin 950, it is a octa core 2.3 GHz and is accompanied by a Mali GPU T880MP4 and 4 GB of RAM, as well as from the already mentioned 32 GB of ROM. The experience of Honor, 8 it is rewarding at every juncture: the phone runs well, warms and sheds light on a smooth absolutely at par with that of top of the range of the brands most famous. Thanks to the 4 GB of RAM, then, it will be possible to keep open more processes in memory, without noticing slowdowns. The evidence of gaming were held without Honor 8 shows indecision, and delays.

In terms of connectivity the phone provides the LTE connection up to 300 Mbps, wi-fi ac dual band and Bluetooth 4.2. This is also NFC and infrared port. Speaking of the audio, listening for both in call and in speakerphone is perfect, exactly the same as the quality of the microphone. Even the playback of multimedia files through the speaker takes place with an excellent final quality.

In software there are no surprises: just like on the series P9, on the Honor 8 find Android 6.0 Marshmallow custom from the EUMI in version 4.1. If you are looking for an experience Android stock or like-stock, of course, the EMUI is not for you. If you come from an iPhone, well, you will find yourself at ease, considering that Huawei has “taken inspiration” from the various capabilities and features of iOS. Among the most useful functions we remind the possibility to manage the permissions of the app, the notifications, and network access, as well as a store of themes, the app and a wellness dedicated to NFC tags. Overall the software is very stable and fluid, and extremely rich in features and customization opportunities. Very interesting choice of Honor to pre-install on your device all the app notes, especially related to the social network, avoiding the user having to do it immediately after the configuration of the phone.

The cameras on the Honor 8 are three: we have a selfie cam 8 megapixel camera that includes a lens slightly wide-angle, so as to let in more subjects in the image, and the two rear cameras. Focusing on the latter, the two sensors, just like on the P9 and P9 Plus, work together to create a single higher quality image. The camera “standard” captures as usual, and the secondary acquires a black and white photo. “Mixing” these two shots, Honor 8 then creates a single image where you increased the brightness of the image. From our tests, however, we have noticed major differences in shooting with one or both of the cameras. Unfortunately, then, there was (at least on paper) in collaboration with Leica, Honor 8 does not include the functionality seen on P9, as the possibility to shoot only in black and white (using only the secondary camera) and is not present the revamped interface of the camera app. The second camera also facilitates the task at the first during the calculation of the distance of the objects and allows an effect of “refocus” in post-production. But speaking of quality, the shots are really good, a bit in any light condition. Good also the yield of the dark. Regarding the selfie, which are particularly good, Honor 8 can also use the screen as a flash to brighten up portraits in the dark. The videos are pretty good and can be captured at up to 1080p resolution at 60fps.

The autonomy, on the Honor 8 is really very interesting. The battery on this phone is a 3000 mAh non-removable. Even with an intense use of the smartphone will always take you to the end of the day. In the case of use as the ball is also possible to conclude two full days of use. In case of necessity, then, you can always resort to the energy-saving options, among which we point out an interesting option that allows you to bring the screen resolution to 720p allowing the phone to optimize the energy consumption.

At a price of only 395€ on Amazon for the variant 32 GB, not advise Honor 8 would be actually an error. This smartphone has everything that should have (including, of course, attractive price) and has nothing to envy to the top of the range Huawei for 2016, if not the functionality of the Leica related to the camera. A real best buy. Congratulations to Honor, and to Huawei, better than that, at this price, you couldn't really do that.

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