Review FIFA 17, for PC: football has never been so realistic!

Published on Oct 05, 2016

We have thoroughly tested the free demo offer by EA Sports in which you could, with the due limitations, already a taste of what would have been the definitive title. Now FIFA 17 is finally among us, have sold for the console or for the PC (after installation of Origin). We find ourselves in front of the ultimate soccer simulation? All that remains is to find out with our complete review for the PC version (via Origin).

The review will show a style as close as possible to the average user, so as to be able to grasp in concrete if it is worth buying the title or not. For users with more hurried, there is the classic tab of the “Pros and Cons” with the final vote available at the end of the article.

FIFA 17: system requirements and link to download the demo

Let's begin with one of this year's innovations, the adoption of the graphics engine Frostbite. The graphic engine brings FIFA 17 at a decided step forward compared to the past: now the players are really photorealistic (at least the famous ones), and they have movements, and the dynamics close to the players in flesh and bones, as well as is discreetly cared for the environment with the fields, photographers, cameras, benches and stages. The fans in the stadium are of course very stylized, but at least they move, wave their arms and raise the flags...I think that we can not do without losing, however, the resources behind something “noticed” by the video-player only during the start of the match, when the goal or the celebrations.

The developers have definitely taken advantage of the graphics engine to strike immediately the eyes of the players, but is playing regularly that we can see many small “goodies” that show an attention to detail that is truly unique. Indeed, it can happen to see two balls on the field (with the nearest player that will automatically move the ball too), coaches who wave their arms in the bench while other players warm up on the sideline, the players throw themselves to the ground and complain about the foul not whistled, players who hurt themselves in the contrasts while remaining on the ground, with the referee forced to stop the game in relief, but then do the “two-ball” for scodellare the ball (the game has a mechanism of fair-play auto: in these cases, the ball will be returned automatically to the team in possession at the time of the interruption, and then nothing “wit”).

Very good also the physics engine: in the contrasts we will see players pushing, pawing, and, if too weak physically, trudging behind the physical players often end up falling ruinously to the ground. Physics engine that makes you feel in control of the ball: the ball tends to make the trajectories very unpredictable (typical of the balloons modern real) if kicked by experienced players, but there are also scenarios where they come out rolls, or the steps in the “weak” loading the shot and curving the ball. Everything is in the ability of the video-player and in the parameters of shooting and passing of the virtual player. More details of them we will read in the section on artificial Intelligence and Gameplay.

FIFA 17 doesn't change when already seen in the previous chapters, but improves throughout looking for the most possible balance. Fans cannot forget the FIFA “too fast” or “too slow” that have passed in the previous editions!

If we love to play a slow game and thought the game lends itself very well: the default settings favor the relaxed approach of the more experienced players. But if we love a game more fast-paced and bubbly, you will not be disappointed: just change the parameter “speed of game” to make the game more “arcade”.

Improved management systems, of the ball in the throws, steps up and kicks stationary: in particular, the latter awakes from the beginning of curiosity.

Beat, for example, a penalty kick will not be a walk: you have to decide on every aspect! If they run or not, how to get on the ball, the angle, the power, the type of shot...views of the sure difficulties in the early approaches to this, the system will show you the first penalties, and an arrow indicative; this aid “will vanish” after some time, leaving it all to our eye.

In the corners you will see a “crosshair” in the penalty area to steer the ball by moving it with the left analog) while we'll have to decide the angle and power. At the beginning we do not understand anything and the corner kicks will always be the prey of their adversaries; but, after a bit of training you will understand the mechanism and score from ball inactive (or, at least, generate a dangerous situation) it will become easier. Really great of the possibilities offered as an alternative on the punishment: we will be able to call one or two players to beat the punishment, choose to do one or more feints of shooting, to move a player to a specific area, call upon a player for a short ball, just to name the most obvious.

To conclude one of the most frequently asked questions: how to control the players? If you are a fan of the “I'll take Messi and run wildly in the free space, so I do not take” you will be disappointed: as in the tradition of FIFA players will get tired of each click or action with a good dose of realism, then take it and run wildly is not the best solution to win games (even with players lightning of war such as Bale, Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo).

The bar of stamina (which indicates how much energy the player has) is the guide bar of the “breath”. This latest haul conspicuously if the player runs, clicks, or makes a dribble; when he gets to the red zone the player is exhausted. When the player has exhausted his abilities are halved, and then pull out, run further or to pass to become tremendously more difficult.

From hours of gameplay past trying various difficulties, it is evident that the game prefers to “force” the player to play the game of the team trying to create textures, actions, calculated, and using all the players available. The star players can still risolvervi also only the match, but to put it in a position to decide a match in which must necessarily have the support of all the fellows! Play team and play a good football, it's the strategy that you must adopt in order to win at FIFA.

This does not mean that the game does not lend itself to the “circus tricks”! Are truly endless and the possibility of dribbling and spectacular plays, with a combination of keys to envy a fighting game (for example the trick of the clock with the shot I almost made dislocate your fingers!). At the beginning you will learn to use the analog stick to the simple numbers (up, down, right, left, half turn on and half a turn down) but slowly you will learn other feints and dribbling, and many difficult to implement if the virtual player does not have at least 90 in the parameter control the ball. Their usefulness? It is clear if you think about it a second longer than necessary: exactly as in the reality the numbers should come spontaneous, otherwise the ball will always be easy prey to the opponent. The training helps a lot to understand the right moment for a fake. One thing is for sure: jump in dribbling 3-4 players is really hard, especially on the highest difficulty, and with the parameters CPU to the maximum.

In conclusion, we turn to the defects found in the demo, seeing if they were correct:

To play offline, we have the following modes:

In Tournament mode you can choose to compete in one of the tournaments in european leagues, including the national championships. We can then compete to conquer, choosing the Italy, the Serie A or the Coppa Italia, the Serie B, the Italian super cup. By choosing other nations will have their respective championships and cups available. In tournament mode you can also play the world cup of women's football, available as a separate menu.

The mode of The journey is the real novelty of this FIFA 17. Mode deserves a separate chapter, will be treated below.

With the Career mode we will be able to choose to pursue a career as a manager of any team or the career of any player-rookie, from the beginning up to the retreat for retirement. Once you've picked up the player to choose to become the manager of the team.

The mode team Match of the heart will show you (thanks to synchronisation via the Internet) the match of the real, which must still play in the favorite team selected at the start of the game. If, for example, on Sunday, will play Empoli-Juventus, the game will give you the chance to play this match in the virtual


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