Review F1 2016 for macOS: the best game to experience the excitement of Formula 1


Published on Apr 24, 2017


In the last few days we have had the opportunity to try F1 2016 in its new version for macOS. The game developed by Feral Interactive was released a short time ago in the Mac App Store, ready for us to live the excitement of the Formula 1, as we have never seen. Despite its official release for the other platforms is now far away, we want to propose to you, however, our opinions on the game in our review of the version for Mac computers.

F1 2016 is the only official game dedicated to Formula 1. The developers have, in fact, all of the licenses of the cars, drivers and all that surrounds this wonderful sport. Unfortunately, however, the licenses are not enough, it also serves the development of a good graphic engine, physics engine, and the creation of numerous game modes. We can already reveal that the game is well managed, but we find out why in the following sections below.

F1™ 2016Feral Interactive Ltd49,99 €

The game offers different game modes rather interesting, able to immerse fully in the player in the world of Formula 1. Certainly one of the most important there is the Career mode, in which we demonstrate our skills race after race. In addition to our performance on the track, we will have to take care of the development of our car, management strategies and ownership structures, aerodynamic, and then the full experience both on the track and in the box. In short, a great panoramic 360° view on the world of Formula 1.

In addition to this mode, there is the classic “Season” to deal with race after race after race without other additions, Quick Race, time trials and online multiplayer. These we know already for a long time, then will not come down much in detail, because they represent the standard for many games automotive available.

Let's move on to the gameplay of F1 2016, that is, the driving model and the level of simulation offered by the game. Thanks to numerous settings, it will be possible to set different levels of difficulty, which can be customised later. Definitely the easiest is not proposing a model of driving simulation, but an experience, dedicated perhaps to a less experienced audience, in search of simple entertainment. Playing without any type of aid represents a very good level of simulation, that requires some experience and practice, as well as an understanding of the various paths. According to us, the developers would have been able to enter a few settings, in order to offer more option to the player. For example, the anti-lock brakes are only the possibility to have it enabled or disabled.

Of course, to be able to take full advantage of the title we need a joypad, or better still a steering wheel and pedal set. Also using a classical analog controller will in fact be rather difficult to dose the better the acceleration and braking of our cars. This will require considerable skill in the guide, but of course levels of difficulty, children can play safely. We are not, in fact, saying that to be able to enjoy the most of the experience offered by F1 2016 you need a steering wheel and dedicated, but as it has always been, if you want to experience a simulation as complete as possible, we recommend that you definitely give us a thought.

Once you get to the track, we quickly realize of the excellent implementation of the car, which offer different performance depending on the type of fuel, tyres, trim and aerodynamic. All of these customizations can be applied freely in the box during the various free practice sessions or qualifying. The different settings are reached, even while driving on the track, thanks to a convenient menu on the side. Even the weather affect in a realistic way on the gameplay of F1 in 2016. Driving under the deluge, even with the use of the wet tires, it won't be easy, especially in harder difficulties. Just a slight error with the pressure of the accelerator to make the turn 360° our car.

Finally, we want to talk about the technical achievement of the title. We have tried F1 2016 on the 15” MacBook Pro 2016, and obtained satisfactory results. The graphic quality of the title can be set freely in menu of the game, to be able to take advantage of the hardware features of different Mac. Having enough power, possibly using an eGPU, you will be able to enjoy excellent visual quality, even in high resolution. With settings medium you can easily reach the quality offered by the console of this generation as the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Trying F1 2016 in the rain with the visual details almost to the maximum gave us, without doubt, of great emotions. The dive offered in these cases is exceptional, thanks also to a sound industry and at a good level. In addition to the classic “noise” of the cars, braking, and collisions, the game also offers the play-by-play official commentators, the Italian Formula 1.

Of course, F1 2016 is not a perfect game, and after several races and time trials we were aware of the different aspects that can be improved, maybe in the later versions of the game. First of all, the artificial intelligence of opponents is rather “weak” in certain situations at all levels of difficulty. Often we found ourselves with dangerous opponents, which made us lose a number of positions in the race due to their error-trivial. This happens both with less experienced drivers, but unfortunately, even with the monsters as Lewis Hamilton. Of course everyone can make mistakes, but the mistakes that we have encountered often do not seem realistic.

Always talking about artificial intelligence, the opponents on the track tend to form trains. Although the situation is quite eventful, compared to the previous versions of the game, there still seems too “static”, mainly because the opponents tend to keep the distances relatively small between them, without, however, attempting any overtaking.

Another critical aspect of the game is definitely its price. The game is sold for 49,99€ on the Mac App Store. In the case of the game dedicated to the last season of F1, came out on other platforms already in August, we think the price is rather high. Of course, the conversion to macOS had to be done almost from scratch, but with a price so high it is likely that many fans will tend to postpone the purchase.

In conclusion, we can say without a doubt that the experience offered by F1 2016 is more than satisfactory. The modes offered aren't many, but the depth of the Career will keep you glued to the screen for several hours many fans of this great sport. In addition to the latter, we must not forget the online mode, thanks to which we can pass as many hours in the company of our friends or other random opponents, trying to climb the world rankings. The critical issues mentioned above can be annoying in certain situations, but the technical realization and the excellent level of simulation makes them move easily according to the complete picture.




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