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Published on Nov 11, 2016


Doogee has recently introduced the new T5 Lite, a smartphone very particular, and... “different” than what we are accustomed to see from the various manufacturers, asian and not. Find out in our review!

We live in a period where innovation in the field of smartphones is slowing sharply. If we were used to upgrade the performance of 100%, year-on-year, now not so. Even the screens, by now, have reached a level of detail and overall quality really high. On the batteries, the speech may sound different, but even in this case there is a bottleneck, determined, now, by the desire, common in the manufacturers search for the forms of the more eye-catching and smartphones increasingly thin. In the absence of a new technology, the batteries can no longer improve. For now. And given that we live in this “now”, the only solution if you want something different than the classic smartphone today is jump on a product that infischi of the standard to which we are accustomed on the market today and decides to go his own way (or maybe inspired by that taken by others).

It is the case of Doogee, the company that we have known already for a long time, and that produces cheap smartphones, but still interesting. After Y300, announced at MWC 2017, and we reviewed, Doogee back in the limelight with a phone that makes its concepts are the opposite of those that led to the (small) success Y300. Good-bye to the sophisticated forms, say goodbye to quality materials and also farewell to a smartphone thin. This Doogee T5 Lite is the “lightened” version of the T5, a smartphone “rugged” designed for both the business man for the sportsman. We speak of this in this review.

Hard to talk about this smartphone without leave, and to focus on the design: T5 Lite is a smartphone, rugged, or “sour” designed for the everyday life and that is not afraid of the challenges. In fact, this phone is IP67 certified and is resistant then to water and dust. The shell is particularly thick, and this element makes the smartphone resistant to drops and shocks. Size important (very important!) for this T5 Lite, as it uses very with difficulty due to weight and thickness (you can't just overlap two iPhone 7, to equal the thickness T5 Lite). This thickness is exaggerated, however, allows you to accommodate a battery that is really large (4.500 mAh) which will always take you to the end of the day without problems and, in the case of using the soft and also enables you to cover two days of use.

Rugged Design then, but that's not all. Yes, because this T5 Lite is clearly inspired by at least 50%, of the proposals of the famous brand Vertu. This company makes a smartphone “business” with an iconic style that Doogee has evidently inspired with the T5 and, consequently, with T5 Lite. The cover pre-installed, in fact, is made in imitation leather and show a back design very close to that of Vertu. Must like (I don't like), but the style is unmistakable. However, this Doogee T5 Lite can also be disassembled! In the package, in fact, there's a second back cover (plastic) and of the “souls” side additional... and think a little bit, even a screwdriver! With a little patience, in fact, you will be able to engage in the disassembly of the T5 Lite and replace practically the whole of the rear shell. By doing this, additionally, the theme of the smartphone will change to adapt to the design you have chosen (business, sports) from time to time. A found rather funny!

Speaking quickly of screen and performance, obviously this is not a phone top of the range. It is indeed a entry-level, the rather modest on this floor. The screen also has a good definition (720p) for a 5 inch screen, although we have seen better. The touch responds well, but there is a gap between the glass and touchscreen, that makes it always precise. Performance is poor... obviously. And it is also the right way. Not buy definitely a smartphone to play Real Racing 3. True? True...??? Bad even the cameras in capture photo or recording video. A round of applause, however, the front camera, which is really very wide-angle lens. On more than one occasion we have, however, seen appear of the condensate is in the area of the front camera in the rear, with the result that all of the photos were affected by a “mist” that in reality was not present.

In short, when you are interested in a phone with these features are clearly looking for something different from the “status quo” of the current smartphone. A T5 Lite could come in handy if you do a job that will expose often the risk to fall (to be held on or in the water) your phone, or simply if you are distracted and you want a smartphone that does not make you never have to worry about. Clearly, renounce everything else, and you will definitely be aware of.

If you are interested, you can buy Doogee T5 Lite via GearBest for the price of 120.99 dollars.

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