Review DBPOPWER C303E IP Camera Security 720P

Published on May 23, 2016

DBPOPWER C303E is an IP camera from the attractive price and excellent quality video. Andiamone to see all the details.


The packaging is compact, inside which there are:


DBPOPWER C303E is circular in shape, has a 16-led night vision. The materials of construction seem to be quite good and durable. On the back of the product we find the attachment for the WIFI antenna ( not originally installed), you can just screw it. Below the camera there is a cable where at the end we find the entrance to the power supply and the input of the Ethernet.


The use is quite simple, the main things to do are:

There are 3 modes of display, andiamole to list:

The video quality is not bad at all.


DBPOPWER C303E is a product really interesting, useful to secure your home and also it is possible to mount it from the outside place, preferably covered even if the product is waterproof, it better not to risk). The quality of the video ( in HD), we were really surprised, the price is in the norm, about 70 euros. If you are interested in purchasing click here: AMAZON

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