Review Covers for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus a handy pull-tab similar to the Smart Cover


Published on Dec 10, 2016


Often when we want to protect our iPhone we are looking for a product that can be handy but also useful in different circumstances. Dodocool has made a cover really functional, available for both iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus.

Let's start off by saying that certainly is not among the most beautiful that I have ever tried, however, is the cover that I use for two months on my iPhone thanks to the extreme practicality of the same.

It is made of TPU material, soft, reinforced with hard plastic, in order to ensure the maximum possible protection. Its distinguishing feature is a magnetic tab, which is integrated in the rear. Try to imagine the Apple Smart Cover available for the iPad, the operation is exactly the same.

The tab can be lifted up and folded back on itself, becoming a comfortable support that can hold the iPhone in both vertical and horizontal.

For those who find themselves working on a computer, or to watch content from your smartphone, this tab is especially useful. When you need more support, you can open the tab and hide it in the cover.

This feature is also useful to hold the iPhone in a grip more secure. In fact you can insert your hand inside the space between the cover and the tab for a better grip. But it does not end here.. by embedding a small magnet in the system similar to the Apple Smart Cover, the tab allows you to hook the smartphone to the magnetic storage media drive without having to use the plates.

For a minimum fee of€ 7.99 you can purchase this valuable cover in both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus directly from Amazon. If instead you are interested only in the tongue but without the cover, and attach directly to your smartphone with an adhesive, you can find it here, 4,99€




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