Review case pouch with zipper for iPhone 7 Plus by Luc


Published on Oct 08, 2016


A new product of the Luc and the new review dedicated to this brand. This time we will talk about a case that is very particular and definitely not for everyone: it is a pouch-pouch with a zipper that allows you to “fix” our iPhone 7 Plus (but there is also a version for the iPhone 7) when you're not using. "Tortilla soup"!

I had never tried using it on a daily basis, a case like this. The case of Luc is a particular solution because it offers the same benefits of a clutch getting away, however, in part from this as a general concept. Here we do not have a “pocket” in which to place our smartphone, but a real “purse” with a zipper for opening and closing.

The housing to the touch makes an excellent impression: the leather used by Luc is always the first band and the user may choose, at the time of the order, between smooth skin and rough skin. We tried the textured version and to be honest, we prefer to the smooth one. Inside the case we find a soft material that protects the screen of the device, but unfortunately it does not achieve the same friction that we have with the classic clutch bag that allows you to lightly clean the screen of the iPhone.

Also, always inside the case, there is a small pocket in which to insert, if necessary, headphones, documents, keys, cards or even bills and coins. An addition of anything evil, but one should also evaluate if these “guests” additional may in any way scratch the iPhone once both are inside of the housing.

The housing is very precise and conforms perfectly with the size of the iPhone 7 Plus. If you thought, then, insert the iPhone inside of the housing with a cover mounted, well, it will not be possible.


But as it goes in daily use this case? Good, but not great. Compared to the classic clutch, in my opinion, with this case is required even more attention during the removal and insertion of the phone. This is because not simply pull a tab, but we will have to completely unbutton” the housing on two sides and then extract the phone. Also, during these operations, the screen of the iPhone tap on the hinge itself and this, in the long run, I do not exclude that it can cause slight scratches on the device.

This case is one of the most expensive in the catalogue of Luc. This is€ 60, but with some customization and additional you will be able to reach even the tap€ 100. It is certainly a product not for all, and, even more, for all budgets. If you are interested, you can buy your housing from this page of the official website of the company.

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