Review Assetto Corsa your racing simulator

Published on Sep 10, 2016

Assetto Corsa is a driving simulator that seeks to raise the standard of simulators available on the market today, through a better driving experience, the tracks reconstructed with laser measurement, and more.

Assetto corsa includes about a hundred models of cars. The graphics treated in detail to give you a visual experience out of the ordinary, even if we expected something more from the interior of the car that you are taken care of very well, but not as external.

There are 24 configurations of the track, based on 16 the legendary circuits. The visual content of the slopes are well maintained, also the status of the tires in their deterioration and consumption.

With respect to the simulation is really good, reflects what our initial considerations. Another point in favor of the game is the intelligent computer, we were really surprised by this aspect. The game also reflects the rules of reality, for example the consumption of fuel and the consumption of the tires.

Assetto Corsa

A game to try and mostly buy for the car lovers and simulation. The game is available for PS4 and XBOX ONE. For more information click here: SITE APPEARANCE TRAVEL


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