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Published on Oct 04, 2017


This is not only the year of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but also the Apple Watch 3 Series. Apple has announced a new version of its smartwatch – which among other things is now the watch sold in the world – is enriched by an important novelty: the data connection to be always connected even in the absence of the iPhone. But there is a small problem: for the moment this technology is not supported in Italy. So it's really worth to buy the Apple Watch Series 3? Find out in our full review!

Apple Watch Series 3, as stated, arrives in Italy devoid of the more interesting new features: the mobile connectivity. This therefore means that we will not be able to make and receive calls, receive messages and notifications without the iPhone connected via Bluetooth. In substance, nothing has changed compared to the past, but the point is precisely this: it is undeniable that, with respect to the appeal that has abroad, Apple Watch Series 3 in Italy, represents a simple incremental improvement of Series 2 of last year. Among other things, due to the absence of a model Cellular, in Italy we can only buy the new smartwatch in the Sport version: disappear (at least for now) the steel models (including variants Hermes) and ceramic. Remains available, as the only alternative, edition, Nike, that is enhanced with new straps.

There is, however, to consider one aspect: the Apple Watch, the Series 3 version of the Cellular requires, in the Countries where it already is sold, a premium pricing plan that you choose for the iPhone: in fact, the international operators are currently “inflating” the subscription of about€10/month for all interested users to pair an Apple Watch Cellular the smartphone Apple. We do not know what will happen in Italy when we will be able to use an Apple Watch with data connectivity, but we expect similar scenarios to those seen at the national borders.

Without these necessary conditions, Apple has still chosen to sell the new Apple Watch Series 3, version GPS-only and this is the model that I could test these days. A beautiful variant of the Space Gray, which I matched with various straps, including the beautiful and convenient Sport Loop, another of the novelties of the end of the year and which I reviewed here. Forgetting, for a moment, the connectivity data, which has to offer you this new Apple Watch?

The first change compared to last year's model is the introduction of a new processor made by Apple which takes the name of the S3. This chip is a dual core and it can offer performance up to 70 percent better than the already excellent views on the Apple Watch Series 2. The increased power allows, also, for the first time, to “talk” to Siri on the new smartwatch: now, in fact, one can simply listen to the response of the assistant to the place to read it on the screen. Much better than in the past. Inside the Apple Watch Series 3 then arrives a new wireless chip, named W2, which improves connections with Bluetooth and WiFi, now more stable and fast.

The more interesting changes however concern the sports: in addition to the already mentioned Sport Loop (which is definitely an ideal companion during physical activity) and the new Apple Watch also includes an altimeter that can measure the ascents and descents carried out during the exercise, as well as the number of stairs climb every day. All data that will feed into the app's Health on the iPhone. Complete the picture watchOS 4, the operating system fitted on the Apple Watch Series 3 – but can also be installed on all the other Apple Watch – that redraw the app Training, offers new directions smart to complete the rings of the app Activity and includes several new dials, including one dedicated to Siri.

There are also safety functions relating to health that I particularly enjoyed: Apple has chosen to leverage the sensor for the detection of the heart rate (always present on the Apple Watch), and watchOS 4 has enabled a number of new features. Now Apple Watch will detect not only the pulse in the time of the measurement, but will predict even an average of the beats, and the rest of the beats during a walk and it will track the average frequency of all the past workouts. In addition, the watch will send you a notification every time that your heart beat at rest is likely to exceed the safety threshold of 120 beats per minute. Really fantastic and very useful.

Which surprised me the most was, however, the battery of this Apple Watch: we probably have to thank the new processor, but what matters is that Apple's new Watch Series 3 really has an autonomy excellent, and that is to record superior results to the one, while very good, Apple Watch Series 2. With the latter I could hardly close without problems the two days of standard use, while with the new Apple Watch Series 3, I was able to complete three days of use without any kind of problem and without ever activating the power saving mode. If stresserete particularly the clock, you will not have problems to complete at least two days of use, making you still make a good bit of autonomy. The only doubt concerns the aspect Mobile phone that certainly will impact negatively on fuel consumption, but for now it is not a problem that concerns us.

These are, therefore, the new Apple Watch Series 3 compared to the previous model. All the rest remains unchanged: the screen is always of excellent quality and sufficiently bright to be looked at without problems, even under the direct light of the sun; the speaker is of good quality and has a volume quite high; the interaction with the device takes place via the touch screen (that supports the Force Touch) or by using the convenient Crown Digital. Everything as before and it is fine.

Overall, the Apple Watch Series 3, also in the version GPS-only, it is a good upgrade. For sure it will not make a miracle, the owners of an Apple Watch Series 2, but some of them, I am convinced, will be considering (or have already rated it) upgrade. Of course it is an Apple Watch that gives the best to those coming from the Series 1 or even Series 0, but it is without a doubt the highest point reached until now on the subject of smartwatch: performance, battery sell, good screen and software that becomes more and more mature. When will come the version Cellular will really be a smartwatch, complete and reliable.




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