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Published on Jan 20, 2017


Update: The Coupon has been changed, now it is 50%.

Tired of going to run using the classic headphones with those annoying cables that hinder your movements? Today I would recommend these headphones exclusively for the sport.

Made of aircraft aluminum, anodized aluminum, the shell of the headphones AOSO M16 is extremely lightweight, a feature fundamental for the achievement of the necessary comfort that this type of product must be provided.

Headphones, with certification IPX4 which makes them resistant to water and perspiration, are the type of in-ear and feature an ergonomic headband and moldable, which allows you to hook them up to our ears in such a way as to prevent the fall during the physical activity.

A cable rubber, it also is very light, connects two headsets, and has at the right the classic remote control with integrated microphone that will allow us to adjust the volume of the music that we are listening and interact with our device.

Regarding audio, the headphones are equipped with a technology of cancellation of the outside noise that plays decently its function by providing a sound always uniform and high-quality with low clean and full-bodied.

By mounting the Bluetooth 4.1 will be able to connect to the headset at the same time up to two different devices by using a simple pairing of which to be able to check the status through the led on the remote control.

The battery, rechargeable via the micro-usb port present on the shell of the right earpiece, we will allow an extended use of the product capable of carry out with a simple charging around 5 hours of talk time, 100 listening and up to 150 hours in stand-by.

In the box in addition to the headset we also find a comfortable holster that will give us the opportunity to bring them to the conveniently always with us, a cable micro-usb for charging and 3 pairs of ear tips in three sizes S, M ,L .

AOSO, a company that now has got us used to in time high-quality products, not denied, even in this case, selling a pair of headphones with the usual impeccable high-definition audio, a clean, ergonomic design and an optimal choice of the materials at a price, as always, very low.

The headphones cost 24,99€ but at the moment you can buy only 12,49€ with our Coupon Exclusive “Y4IKSUKS” valid until January 31st, you still have time to take advantage of this offer for a possible Christmas gift, it will certainly be very happy with your friends and sports.

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