Review Anker PowerWave, the series of chargers wireless for iPhone


Published on Apr 07, 2018


PowerWave is a new series of loaders in a wireless made by Anker with the protocol Qi, perfectly compatible with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Here is our proof.

Anker PowerWave Pad is a wireless charger of the classic type, with block of large size on which to place our iPhone to start charging.

Very beautiful packaging, which is entirely white in color and with designs in relief, showing some of the characteristics of the product. Inside, in addition to pad, we find the power supply and the micro-USB cable by 90 centimeters.

This device uses a chip with high efficiency made by Anker with a rated output of 7.5 W, which can ensure a faster charging on iPhone (8, 8 Plus, X with iOS 11.2 or later). The charger incorporates an internal fan for cooling of all of the circuits and to avoid the overheating of a sudden.

The design is really well-maintained, with quality materials and rubber anti-slip both on the top, to prevent the iPhone from moving inadvertently, both on the base so as to keep well jump the charger on any flat surface. The diameter is 11 centimeters more than the average of many other magazines of this type. It is, therefore, size is really generous, which could probably, however, not be bulky on the small desks, but that it adapts to any kind of smartphone (Notes 8 included).

There is also a small status LED, whose light, however, is too dim, especially during the day. Another small defect is that the charging does not start immediately but requires a couple of seconds before take action.

With the PowerWave Pad, you can charge the iPhone to 7.5 W (requires iOS 11.2). The refill 7.5 W is slightly faster than the standard 5W. After 2 hours, the iPhone X has reached the 48% of charging (with a 5W it is around 41%). The pad works even if the iPhone was mounted in a cover up to 5mm thick. You cannot use this pad without the power supply QC 3.0 (included in package). This means that it will not be possible to connect it to a computer or other USB sockets.

No problem of overheating. Also, the Anker is using a system that can recognize the connected device and manage intelligent motion charging. This is also a protection from overload, detection of foreign bodies and radiation to offer total security at any time.

Generous in size, compatibility with the charging, 7.5 W, very good design (maybe the diameter is a bit of an exaggeration), the LED can be improved. It is in every case a great accessory, even from the point of view of safety. The price is 53€, now on offer at 39,99€ on Amazon.

Compared to the previous model, Anker PowerWave Stand is not only a wireless charger, but also from real stand. We can then have the iPhone always placed vertical, so you can view and use comfortably without having to remove from the pad and without having to stop the charging.

Inside the beautiful box we find the charger, the power supply QR 3.0 (required to start the charging), micro USB cable, 90 cm, and the manual in Italian.

Also this version Stand, the design is nice and elegant (plastic solid color glossy white and opato), with curved edges and an overall structure very strong, in addition to a rubber base which ensures an excellent adhesion to planar surfaces.

On the front there is a LED circular that indicates when the accessory is turned on and when it is on charging. This device measures 134 × 68 × 80 mm and weighing 146,3 g. On the back is clearly visible from the grille of the internal fan, which is indispensable in order to dissipate the heat.

The PowerWave Stand has a power of 7.5 W and the performance are the same as seen for the model Pad (iPhone X is charging up to 48% in 2 hours). Also all the technologies to ensure the safety and protection from overloads and short circuits.

The charging also works if on the iPhone, we use a case thick up to 5 mm. Among other things, it is also possible to hold the iPhone horizontally, maybe to display a video.

Thus, it is an excellent solution for those looking for comfort of use, even while the iPhone is charging wireless. The fan ensures excellent heat dissipation, and the chip Anker interior protects the device from overload.

The price is 45,99€, available on Amazon.

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