Review Aneken Eager1 Activity Tracker


Published on Sep 07, 2017


Aneken Eager1 is a Activity Tracker with good quality, elegant and inexpensive.


The packaging aesthetically beautiful, very compact, contains only the product with the user instructions in Italian.


Aneken Eager1 is very nice to look at, elegant, and the materials seem to be of good quality. To charge the device just remove the body of the product from the bracciare and upload via USB. And? this is the only key that allows you to return to the main screen, if you click on the screen, changed the screen, while if slesciate to above, or already changed the alarm clock.

To connect the device to your smartphone, you must first of all have an iphone with IOS 7 or higher, or an android smartphone with Android 4.4 or higher. Once you have verified the compatibility you have to download the app “VeryFitPro” present in the store. Once synced with the app, you can check the heart rate, daily steps, distance covered, calories burned,

messages, control music, ability to view the weather.


Aneken Eager1 is a product really interesting, with many functions and good quality. The price is approximately 30 euro. If you are interested in buying click here: AMAZON

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