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Published on Aug 22, 2017


The word Bao now does not indicate only one of the publishers of the most important comics on Italian soil, but also a necklace specific all dedicated to the manhua, the term with which you indicate the comic strips chinese: in addition to the case wants bao in chinese means treasure, and one of the treasures offered by Bao Publishing is a manhua sepia written and drawn by Golo Zhao, Reverie.

Golo Zhao is very well known in Europe, especially after winning at the Festival of Angouleme with the series of the same Magazine, also published in Italy. If, however, with Yaya Zhao had shown us his talent in drawing, with Reverie, we see this work as an author full.

Reverie does not tell a story, but many stories... on the Contrary, many points to many possible stories, stories that perhaps Z-Jun, a young writer on a trip to Paris, a day to write, but for now they live only in his head. The guy is located in the French capital to meet Dominique, a young woman of chinese origin who are studying in the city, and for which a proof of something.

But this is not the pin of Reverie: in fact, the reader is immediately caught by the branches of stories of all kinds, a t-Jun jump to mind in the course of a few hours in Paris, for about two days. The writer was impressed by some details that the reader can escape to, for a first reading: the details that inspire him to science fiction novels and thrillers, but not only, with implications also disturbing, or simply surreal.

From cases impossible from the Inspector Nicolas, the story of a girl from Mars, a drama which has as its protagonist a disease that “pit” the people at the meeting impossible, with the Hopper in Debussy (in the style of Midnight in Paris), the reader will be carried in chapter after chapter, ballonzolato from a dream to the other through a narrative, dream-like and confused, a feature that may or may not like, depending on the inclinations of the player.

The best adjective to describe Reverie is without a doubt the “dream” (“reverie”, in French, means “daydreaming” and “Reverie” is also the name of a song by Debussy that both J-Zun by Dominique love): not only for the nature of the plot, but also to the palette used by Zhao, from the beginning to the end of the manhua. Impossible not to immerse themselves in the dreamy atmosphere of those tones of sepia, which provide a setting already full of nostalgia (it's impossible to imagine Paris without his past) that suspension of time, thanks to which everything can happen.

The first impact Reverie can displace the reader not accustomed to the textures that are lost in if same, with mini-stories that begin in one chapter and then not end any more; but will be especially appreciated by those who get pleasure in a fleeting reverie by a writer chasing a story... even at the cost of losing contact with reality.

Reverie, the manhua dream of Golo Zhao | Review of




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