RetroArch: emulate all the old consoles with a single program


Published on Jul 28, 2016


The modern games are a concentrate of graphics and game-play online in multiplayer, with less and less attention to the plot, especially in the single player. The old games once you could be much more engaging with the technical features which today would smile, but which at the time were pure innovation. In retro games, there is fantasy and imagination, components almost completely lost in the gaming modern. Just to be able to savor to the full the golden age of video games here is a emulator all-in-one that sets the target the emulation of many console retro possible! In this guide we will see how to download, install, and configure RetroArch.

We can install RetroArch from the link at the bottom of the page. The download is available for Windows but also for console and Android/iOS, so you can enjoy your retro gaming anywhere.

Download the package compressed in the 7z format of the latest stable version.

NOTE: download package is great for having the most number of libraries required.

Unpack the compressed file to a folder you like. The program is open from the folder you created after decompressing.

The program may require libraries DirectX 9 not normally available in Windows 10. To resolve this problem, it is advisable to download the missing library (D3DX9_43.DLL) from the following link and place the file .dll directly in the folder of the game.

DOWNLOAD | Library D3DX9_43.DLL

At the start of the program we will create an interface in the style of the PS3.

We can configure every aspect of the programme, in particular the keyboard controls or the configuration of any joypad.

We will be able to configure every aspect related to graphics, sound, and even local multiplayer (just configure the joypad.

The program itself is not an emulator but a front-end to manage the many emulators (called “cores”). We can install core directly from within the program without having to open any browser. Change in the main menu to the Online Updater.

We Select The Core Updater.

We will get a list of all the emulators supported. There are really a lot! It is good to immediately choose which console to emulate among the many; once you choose the console or the console to update, just make a click on every console.

Between the console we find: PSP, PlayStation, GameBoy (all generations), Nintendo 64, NES, SNES and many other.

For the games we will have to get the ROM, removable both from the original cartridges is available to download via the Internet (many of which are in open violation of a copyright). If interested in the games for a console specific, just refer to Google with a search key like “nome_console ROM download” or “nome_gioco ROM download”.

Once you've downloaded the ROM, you simply create a folder where to keep them all, and let it scan from the program itself.

The compatibility with old games is good.

You can download RetroArch for free at the following link, choosing the latest stable version available.

DOWNLOAD | Emulator

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