Responsible for investigations, Apple is leaving the company


Published on Jan 22, 2018


The chief investigator of Apple Lee Freedman has left the company to start working in Facebook with a similar role.

After working several years in the Department of Justice, in 2011, Lee Freedman decided to start working at Apple. Among his most important works are reminded of the program on the cyber security used by Apple to defend yourself from the external attacks. After a couple of years, Freeman has been promoted to Director of Investigations. In practice, he was the responsible for that it was to prevent news leaks and to supervise the team of investigation, who had the task to track down information on the Apple products not released by the company.

As chief investigator also was in charge of managing the collaborations with the forces of law and order, for security reasons, to supervise the cases of theft of goods from Apple, and handle all the problems of enterprise security, including the most important ones that occurred in the Apple Store.

Freedman has decided to leave Apple to go to Facebook and play the role of the general counsel for compliance and security investigations.

Apple has decided to replace Freedman, with Jessica Kirschbraun.

There is to say that 2017 is not just positive for the leaks, since, for example, the firmware of the HomePod hid almost all the details of the iPhone X not yet announced or released by Apple.

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