Resident Evil 2: the new trailer with Ada Wong


Published on Sep 21, 2018


During the Tokyo Game Show in full swing in Japan, the fans have just had a fantastic new gift, a new video showing Ada Wong.

There is much more still in the trailer, as the scientist William Birkin, and his mutations, but also the famous dogs infected! The last video seems, therefore, recreates the atmosphere of the original, but enriched with a new graphic.

Then why the redesign of the characters? The game director, sat down with Eurogamer at the beginning of this year to talk about why so many changes in the characters that we remember.

β€œIt always comes back to the same theme, what would be the natural wear in an environment that is photorealistic?” he added, β€œI Believe that go around wearing an elegant dress when you're a spy you probably don't seem realistic and believable as we want to be in this new game.”

The use of models has, therefore, made to change the entire approach to the game. Instead of another remake, the team worked on it as if you were making an action movie, thanks to motion capture and in the desire of mechanics to be more realistic. And this has justified the difference that the game show than the version shown during the E3 2018.

The same reasoning is the basis of the redesign of Claire and Leon, as many have noted their different body shape and facial features.

The game will arrive for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on January 25.

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