Resident Evil 2: arrival in the “1-Shot Demo”


Published on Jan 09, 2019


For all of us fans, the famous survival horror targato Capcom, we finally have the chance to try a preview of the highly anticipated Resident Evil 2 thanks to a special “event demo”, which will take place this week on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC Steam. This demo will be available to download only between 11 and 31 January, thereby giving all of us the very first opportunity to try from home the classic horror game in this as completely new.

The demo, named appropriately the “1-Shot Demo”, will test us by asking us to survive the horrors of Raccoon City for only 30 minutes. If we manage to complete the objective of the mission within the 30-minute established, we will be able to start the mission again and use the time that there is left to explore of new the demo. In the case of death at the hands of the zombies will still be able to continue to play until they finished all 30 minutes at our disposal.

The end of the session the game will reveal a brand new trailer, exclusive to those who play the demo. For as it will not be possible to replay the demo after the time expires, the trailer will still be viewable as many times as you want to, which, alas, is a little consolation. The brevity of this demo, in addition to leave us a little’ bitter taste in the mouth, will increase dramatically the hype is already high for this highly anticipated remake.

In the “1-Shot Demo” players take the role of the police rookie Leon S. Kennedy, arrived at the Police Department of Raccoon City, in what would seem to be the worst “first day” of the story. Leon must survive a ferocious zombies and solve puzzles to find a way to escape safely from the station. With a whole building full of creatures carnivorous lurking and Leon who tries to escape while the timer runs down, we'll have to make sure that we kill a lot more than just the time.

Here below is the trailer released with the announcement of this demo, for the other visible at the end of the game instead, you'll have to complete the demo:

Thanks to the use of the graphic engine, KING engine owned by Capcom, Resident Evil 2 offers a modern version of the chapter of the saga survival horror game with a photorealism never before seen, a sound environment, a new third-person view and controls of the game modernized. In Resident Evil 2 return the elements that have made this series such as the classic gameplay action, exploration, anxiety-provoking, and the resolution of the puzzle.

In Resident Evil 2, players take the role, as in the original title, the recruit of police Leon Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield, who meet during the disastrous outbreak of Raccoon City that has turned the population into zombies lethal. Both Leon and Claire will have the campaign playable separately, allowing us to live the story through the eyes of both characters. Then with a mode similar to the original title, which so many of us have deeply loved, with the two different CD to play the role of two characters.

Resident Evil 2 we would catapult back into the nightmare from 25 January 2019 on the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One including the Xbox One X) and Windows PC.

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