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Published on Jan 15, 2019


As many of you will know, some day Capcom has made available to all users of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC Steam the demo by the name “1-Shot Demo”. This will be downloadable for a short period of time, i.e. from 11 to 31 January.

In this demo, we will have to relive the horrors of Raccoon City for only 30 minutes, wearing the clothes of the recruit police Leon Kennedy. The minutes at our disposal will be more than enough as Capcom has published a small section of the game that is completable in about ten minutes. In this time we will find inside the famous police station where we'll have to find a particular key in one of the rooms of the building, after that we will return in the main atrium, where the demo will stop showing us the completion screen with the statistics.

To complete the demo we have also a second choice, in fact we will be able to take a more exploratory, which will see us go from the top floor of the great library, from which we will fall because of the collapse of the floor, and we will knock in a room in which we'll need to move the libraries to get out of it.

Play this demo has led us to uncover many of the aspects then we will find in this remake of Resident Evil 2. The first aspect among all is the one already stated by Capcom, and that is that this is much more than a simple remake of the original game. In fact, it is clear that the imprint date of this title as a sort of continuation of the chosen path with Resident Evil 7, but all with a great care and respect for the Resident Evil 2 original.

Another aspect evident in this demo is the aggressiveness of the zombies that we will face. Initially it seems that pendants in a manner harmless to the rooms, but just a thing to capture their attention and to find himself attacked with the utmost ferocity. Also interesting is how the zombies relate to the surrounding environment, and not as the mannequins in an inert deambulano aimlessly colliding with the walls. Their interactions are very believable and make for a more solid system of credibility and verisimilitude of the game itself.

In the game is really easy to die, it takes just three attacks from the zombies to the loss of life, this makes the component the survival of the game more prevalent than ever. Then the difficulty of the game is also rather high, considering that the zombies they're pretty sturdy and you have to fill them with lead to make them out, either by hitting them in the head, if you have a good aim, and in other ports of the body. But, although he is able to land, they often rise again, returning to attack us again. So often the best choice and the most “economic” is to escape hell and to reserve the ammunition only to a minimum when there is no alternative.

An item which will certainly discuss, introduced in this game, the famous dagger, which in the original title it was possible to use as the last resource when esaurivamo ammunition. Here we'll find, but is subject to wear and tear. In fact, we can use only for a limited number of times, with a small rod visible below the object that, after a couple of uses, it will become unusable.

This choice personally, it seems rather risky, than that is not realistic, at most, you could insert a component random which made the knife unusable in the event of accidental breakage. But the limited use of the knife, as well as from the point of view of defence, it becomes a limiting factor also with regard to its practical utility in the game. For example, when we have to remove the scotch tape in order to access the panel with the lever in the lobby of the police station, this step, without a knife, it becomes impractical.

Another aspect that is turn up a little’ nose is the appearance random boxes of ammo that can modify significantly the difficulty of the game, and facilitate or undermine the players. On this point, maybe it was better in the original title, where the munitions were located in specific points, and varied according to the difficulty chosen at the beginning of the game.

The level of the puzzles seems to have taken a decidedly different from the original title, but the variety of these is quite large and intriguing, although from the half-hour available to try out the game we were particularly struck by this aspect. Although there are a number of small puzzles that are optional, such as, for example, the locks and the combinations of the safes, of which we will find solutions in places quite distant and hidden environments.

One of the aspects that immediately strikes you is the graphics, the monstrous game that has been created thanks to the use of the graphic engine, KING engine targato Capcom. The aspect of the game, which is evident from this demo is really a photo-realism never seen before, with a sound that helps to make the whole thing even more immersive, and a system of control of all modernized which gives us an interaction that is much greater than the original title. The title then from the point of view of graphic and technical it really seems unassailable, while it is unfortunately in some conceptual aspects of the game, as we have mentioned previously.

In conclusion, this demo has given us several interesting insights and indications of promise for what will be in the final, for which we'll have to wait two weeks scarce to have answers to the many questions that crowd our mind, including the aspect on which maybe there are more unknowns that is precisely what concerns the two characters with which we can deal with the history and how you rapporteranno between them.

In conclusion I'll give you a little trick for all those who believe the 30 minutes provided for this demo a bit too few (including myself). Once we run out of time on an account, you can upload the demo on another account on our console so, you have another 30 minutes. For PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam you can create as many accounts as we want, then potentially you can replay the demo as much as you want without too many complications.

Finally, we remind you that Resident Evil 2 will be released on the 25th of January 2019 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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