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Published on Sep 15, 2017


Daniel's face and Neck with a Residence Arcadia is his first work. What he achieved with this graphic novel, published by Bao Publishing is the revival of the daily routine of an apartment building like many others, the fact of the elderly tenants, administrators, attempting to mediate between the various voltages of the condòmini, quarrels and private life hidden behind the appearance of a landing.

The first impact has starting the reading Residence Arcadia is a sort of alienation: what can be so interesting in the representation of the everyday life of a building? The great aspect of grotesque drawings, which make it very well on a visual level with some humorous situations, does not seem to justify the 172 pages of history. At least initially.

But with the reading you can guess which Residence Arcadia is much more: it is a metaphor. Each character represents a part of society, there is the young Ettore, the guest of her uncle and aunt, who apparently is a metalhead, introverted, but that in reality hides fears and feelings to be incapable of finding a true listener. There is the old Mirta, who lives of the melodies of his birds. And then there is the former man of the army Dimitri, now retired, but who hides behind the austerity of the behaviour, a story of love unspoken and contradictory.

But above all, there is Esther: a woman of the palace, represented by the Neck with red eyes, visually disturbing. She is the main opponent to any change, the person who would be willing to do anything to keep the established order of things (according to his own logic of thought).

The story going forward with the reading intensifies more and more until you get to a final, feverish, and in which each of us will find, through the mechanisms of Residence, Arcadia, the mirror of today's society and that of a certain mentality, according to which the maintenance of the established order of things is the rule, the obligation, beyond which nothing exists.

Makes an impression the fact that Daniel's face and Neck thanks to its designs, and this story is simple, but very effective can give an interesting picture of a certain conservative (especially self-conservative) that feeds so many fears, and creates so much intolerance nowadays.

In addition, even more effective are the words often stuck in the mouth of the ex-soldier Dimitri, who often cites the patriottisimo for the Nation, and the importance and firmness of the Party. The protagonists of Residence Arcadia live in a sort of reality dystopian in which there is only one party to hold power, and does so apparently (at least according to the thought of Dimitri) to maintain order and safety. Instead, what he brings with him the Party is fear and insecurity, so much so that it airs the idea of an imminent war.

The final in this sense leaves open the hope and the idea that even the conservatorismi more foolish can pass and slide. As well as the life within the palace, that in the fury to remain closed in the logic of the old thoughts autolesionistici very soon will end up to become a stale and inhospitable building. Maybe ready to be demolished.

A first work, the one of Daniel's Neck, screenwriter and cartoonist of the internal volume, able to creep in a little at a time into the head and belly of the player. A simple story, daily, that as it flows it will be able to give you a great metaphor, and let us see the reflection of a reality of daily life, that sometimes through filters of news, sites, social networks and talk shows, various is unable to penetrate the pure and simple as only art can do: with a joke fulminant, and a design mentioned.


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