Research: 66% of cancers due to “bad luck”, not to wrong life styles. “Impossible to prevent, improve the diagnosis.”

Published on Jan 03, 2015

Who is affected by cancer, in many cases it was just “struck by luck”, say researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in a study published in “Science”. Their latest research has in fact questioned those who until now you thought were the causes of many cancers unhealthy lifestyles, genetic defects or the environment in which we live. The study, by Bert Vogelstein and Cristian Tomasetti: 66% of the tumors in contracts comes from bad luck. Two-thirds of cancers are due to mutations linked to pure chance rather than lifestyle wrong as the smoke. Only one third is linked to environmental factors or predispositions inherited. In summary, 66% of tumors, it is pure bad luck, i.e. they seem incomprehensible because they occur in the absence of risk behaviour, but the life styles of the wrong continue to increase the risk of illness: smoking, alone, remains responsible for 20% of cancer cases around the world. The same applies to the excessive exposure to the sun, drinking too much alcohol or being overweight. The details of the study. The study analysed 31 different cancers and, according to mathematical models prepared by the scientists Bert Vogelstein and Cristian Tomasetti, only 9 were found to be linked to lifestyle or genetic faults. The remaining 22 were “primarily linked to the misfortune, the Dna or how we live have only a small impact”, show the two authors of the research. Among the malignancies linked to the “bad luck”, the research puts those localized in certain organs and tissues: brain, head and neck, thyroid, esophagus, lung, bone, liver, pancreas, melanoma, ovary, and testis. But on some of these forms of cancer, the researchers show how the smoke, the effects of the sun, radiation, excessive meat consumption and the genetic factors can have a triggering effect (for example, lung cancer, liver, and throat). The importance of stem in relation to the mutations. The work of Vogelstein and Tomasetti focused on the stem cells that can differentiate into different tissue types depending on the needs. Because of their longevity, a mutation in the stem can have consequences that are much more deleterious than when this happens in a common cell. Scientists have counted the random mutations that can occur during cell division, leaving aside other causes (defective genes are inherited, or environmental such as smoking or the presence of radiation). The mathematical system developed by the researchers showed that with the increase of the number of cell divisions increases the risk of developing a tumor. Impossible to focus on prevention, improving the diagnosis. In the light of these data, and in practice explain the impossibility in preventing some cancers, the researchers invite us to focus on research that has as its objective to improve the diagnosis: block the cancer in the early stages of development. “If two-thirds of cancer incidence between tissues, he explained, " Cristian Tomasetti, one of the authors of the study – is explained by random Dna mutations that occur when stem cells divide, change our life style and our habits will be a huge help in preventing certain types of cancer, but may not be effective for other tumor types. We need to focus more resources on finding ways to detect these tumors in advance, i.e. in the phases in which they are curable”. (AGI)

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