Reptilians. Zuckerberg live streaming: “I'm Not a lizard”

Published on Jun 15, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg is not an ancient reptile level. He denied it in the first person, in the course of a session of questions and answers on the video streaming to Facebook. When came the question “if they were true the allegations that it is secretly a lizard” Zuck cut it short: “I'm Not a lizard”, adding it was a “stupid question”. Also for the argument in the debate on artificial intelligence and the sharing of thinking through the techno-telepathy, a new front in the high-tech research. It is not so rare that the personality you feel to address the question of whether they are humanoid-lizards in disguise on Earth for their own purposes of domination. Three years ago the premier of new zealand John Key was forced, under the rules on freedom of information, expression: “as far as I know no. But since I have put the direct question I made the unusual step of addressing a doctor, a veterinarian, and both have confirmed to me that I'm not a reptile. Nor have never been in a space ship, in space, and my tongue is not that long”.

Because the reference to the space? Because the reptilians would be extraterrestrials according to this conspiracy theory among the most popular in recent years. The history of humanity is marked by theories of conspiracies and secret for the domain of the world that have found fertile humus, when the charm of the irrational is the bride in times of crisis political-economy like the current one. But those who believe that reptilians are not a few. According to some, the suggestion comes from the assonance with the constellation of Draco, from where would these extraterrestrials. In sci-fi, reptiles have always had place, since the Kull the Conqueror, a character created in ’29 by Robert E. Howard, the same man who invented Conan the Barbarian and one of the pioneers of the fantasy rediscovered by the contemporary cinema (the film Kull the Conqueror ’97, directed by John Nicolella is freely inspired by Howard). Have appeared in Star Trek, Doctor Who, and japanese films.

But the genesis of the theory “systematized” is attributed to the well-known David Icke, ex-footballer and native of Leicester, became the corresponding sports on the Bbc. Ancient aliens, the Matrix, they created a caste of hybrid reptilians for purposes inscrutable, if not apparently the ambition of absolute power, which include the domain of the Earth. According to Icke, world-famous personalities would be in reality men-lizard. In 2013, a survey by Public Policy revealed that 4% of americans believed in the theory reptilianne (and 7% is undecided). To the accounts, made a dozen million people. In 2008, a voter of the state of Minnesota, Lucas Davenport, has created a site to demonstrate for the renewal of the seat, the senate had voted for “Lizard People (reptilians). The pseudonotizia became national news and was also picked up by major newspapers, demonstrating the ease of attachment of complottismo. If Zuckerberg has admitted he is not a man-reptile, has not denied the news that he bought a penthouse from 21 million in the heart of Milan. Match a declaration from the Ceo of the Proto Group Ltd. to Novella 2000, the news has been reported by a number of heads.


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