Renzi to work for the Assembly of the Pd, where it will be voted the new head of the party,

Published on May 02, 2017

Matteo Renzi celebrated the day after the primary in the family. Data, not yet certified, of the count attribute the victory to 70% but, if Michele Emiliano judges as “an extraordinary achievement,” his 10 percent, Andrea Orlando invites us to wait for the official results, claiming 22.6 percent against the 19,50 made known by the organization of the Pd. Renzi to work for the Assembly of the Pd, where it will be voted the new direction of the party. Percentages that do not change the enthusiasm of the neoleader and loyal, ready to restore the centrality of the Pd even if the M5S, with Luigi Di Maio, go to the attack of a party that “loses a million votes at every election”. Renzi would have wanted yesterday to run the marathon in Pontassieve. But, says the wife, Agnes, “he returned too late, at 2-3 and is in bed sleeping because he was tired”. The former premier had an exchange of good wishes with each other with Emmanuel Macron. “I will give the maximum to win on Sunday, you give the maximum to win the next elections, together we will change Europe,” says the candidate for the center at the Elysee palace. Today, the secretary should return to Rome to prepare for the assembly of next Sunday, when the election will be official and will be voted on by the new direction of the party, reflecting the overwhelming majority of the leader obtained in the congress. The initiative on the electoral law and the commitment of the Pd in the main dossier of the government, starting by Alitalia, are the priorities of the secretary, but must also reorganize the organization of the party. Also in the light of the demerger and of the new minorities in the internal, that of Orlando and Emiliano. Emiliano and Maio. “The democratic front – claims Emiliano – is the new area of the Pd is similar in size to the one that was of Enrico Letta. If Renzi will have learned from past mistakes, we will be ready to ensure our contribution to the discussion in the Pd and, once you have found the common solution, we will support”. And on electoral reform returns to declare that we are “genuinely available” to the comparison, Luigi Di Maio, agreeing with Renzi, but not with his former rivals Orlando and Emiliano, on the no award to the coalition, otherwise “let the end of the Mighty, with Mastella and the prime minister with Purposes”. Electoral reform, clarifies the undersecretary Maria Elena Woods, “is not just the responsibility of the Pd, it is necessary that all political forces are responsible.” (ANSA)

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