Renoir: the outputs of October 2019


Published on Sep 24, 2019


September 2019 is a month rich of outputs for ReNoir, which leads to the library and to the store five new titles: the story of the impossible feat of Ernest Shackleton, the first volume of family stories of Giovannino Guareschi and the new editions of three classics of the publishing house, which is the biography of Giorgio Ambrosoli, the version of Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Xavier Collette and the comic book taken from the animated film Brendan and the secret of Kells.

Shackleton – To the end of the world, Jean-François Henry, Jacques Malaterre, Hervé Richez and Olivier Frasier.

The extraordinary adventure of an explorer, who became one of the legends of the South Pole. With an introduction of Marco Confortola.
December 5, 1914, south Georgia, the last inhabited land before the hostile Antarctic. The Endurance set sail with a crew of twenty-seven men on board, under the command of explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. It is the heart that is anchored in the belly, and the call of the white in the depths of their soul that drives them to explore, once again, the Antarctica, but cold, imprisons them. Isolated from the world, without means of communication, and limited resources, must remain united in order to survive.
120 pages, hardback in colour, € 19,90

Corrierino of families – The family Guareschi to the country of don Camillo, Davide Barzi and Adriano Fruch. Cover art by Werner Maresta

The stories humorous Giovannino Guareschi on the daily life of his family, for the first time in comics, with an introduction by Daniela and Giacomo Poretti and Enrico Beruschi.
What happens when an author meets his characters? We discover in the story that gives the title to the volume, To the country of don Camillo. Is just one of many in the cycle of the Corrierino of the Families, well-written, funny, sweet and tender that Guareschi published weekly on Candid telling what was going on in his house. He, his wife Margaret and children, Albertine and Charlotte “la Pasionaria” are the protagonists of the interludes of daily life, including demonstrations of affection, squabbles, small jealousies, and... Christmas poems to learn by heart.
One of the most entertaining of the great humorist, for the first time in comics!
96 pages, hardback in black and white € 14,90

The choice – Giorgio Ambrosoli, Gianluca Buttolo

The human story of a great man, who has lost his life because of his conscience and the respect of the law. A new edition hardcover in celebration of the 40th year after the death of Giorgio Ambrosoli, enriched by the interventions of the sons Umberto and Francesca.
In September 1974, the lawyer Giorgio Ambrosoli, receives from the Governor of the Bank of Italy the task of managing the failure of the Private Bank, the Italian banker Michele Sindona. With the only help of a few trusted friends, a mighty Marshal of Finance and the Bank of Italy, Ambrosoli manages, including pressures, threats and bribery attempts, to complete its mandate, revealing the “great scam” of the empire Sindona, but is killed on the door of the house by a killer in July 1979. A weave of powers that be, between high finance and high politics, in which we manage, and the figure of the protagonist, bravely free to follow the dictates of their own conscience and the respect for the laws.
160 pages, hardback in black-and-white, € 19,90

Alice's adventures in Wonderland, by David Chauvel and Xavier Collette

Dreamlike, surreal and a bit dark: the novel of Lewis Carroll like you've never read, in a new edition, hardcover!
A white rabbit that runs, a curious little girl who chases him and falls into a deep hole, an extraordinary world where all logic is illogical, bizarre characters, like the cheshire Cat or the Queen of hearts... Who doesn't know them? To rediscover in this new comics adaptation, with tables, dreamlike and immersive, beautifully drawn and coloured by one of the illustrators of the famous game Dixit, draws us in the irresistible Wonderland.
72 pages, hardcover color, € 14,90

Brendan and the secret of Kells by Thomas Moore

A fantastic story inspired by the legends of ireland and to the thumbnails of the monks of Kells, from the animated film nominated for the Oscar in 2010. A new edition, hardcover in order to enjoy the designs of a great animator.
Ireland, IX century: the young monk, Brendan, who lives in an abbey, where skilled scribes write wonderful manuscripts. But the threat of the Vikings looms and, to protect the all-important Book of Kells, Brendan, for the first time leaves the abbey and goes into the forest, where he will face his fears, clashing with the demons and the invaders, and to accomplish his mission: to complete and turn in the History of the precious volume. The film is inspired visually to the lush, decorative style of the Book of Kells, the most famous among the ancient manuscripts of the irish who collects the Four Gospels.
96 pages, hardback in colour, € 19,90

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