Remax 3-in-1 lens and flash to apply to your iPhone


Published on Oct 10, 2016


By Remax comes a new product aimed to photography enthusiasts, which allows you to use different lenses and a powerful flash along with the camera of the iPhone.

The package presents you with a box of yellow color, where there are the technical information of the product and some test photos, which show the potential of these lenses. Inside, we find the lenses, the flash, the two universal carriers (the product is compatible with all iphones from the 4 onwards), a comfortable bag is grey in colour and the cable to recharge the flash.

The lens can improve the photos taken with the iPhone: built with excellent materials and quality objectives, we can use them to apply the effect “fish eye” or wide angle lens to our shots.

There is also the macro lens with a zoom up to 50x. The application is simple and fast, since you only need to use one of the media provided to apply the lens close to the camera. Each lens is also equipped with a small pouch so you can carry it around safely. Very convenient the bag is supplied, which facilitates the transport of this accessory.

Also very interesting is the included flash, equipped with 8 LEDS, 1w each. The flash incorporates a rechargeable battery 150mAh, and offers a color temperature up to 4600k, editable by clicking on the appropriate button (located on the back.

The range is approximately 60 minutes of use, while the full charge takes 90 minutes using supplied cable. Taking advantage of this light you can take great photos even in low-light conditions, and also to shoot subjects in the distance.

The objectives can be very useful in different occasions, especially if we think of the macro lens with zoom 50x. The quality is very good. Among other things, the adapters allow you to use the lens in both landscape and in portrait mode.

The product of Remax is available here at the price of 23.41 euros.


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