Regional table Poste Italiane, Bertocchi: “the Situation improved in may, another audit of the services”

Published on Mar 17, 2017

After months of reporting on the part of many citizens of our territory, on delivery delays and the inefficiency of the Italian post office, today the provincial councilor, Paul Bertocchi, in representation of the province of Varese, he attended a meeting between the parties at the Palazzo Lombardia in Milan. “The situation improved in may, another audit of the services”. Regional table Poste Italiane, Bertocchi: “the Situation improved in may, another audit of the services”. This morning, the Province of Varese and the Province of Brescia have represented the lombard provinces to the Regional Table convened by the under-secretary Nava about the poor service of Poste Italiane. The meeting, which was held at Palazzo Lombardia, at the Tables of the territory which has formed and gathered in the different Provinces in these last few weeks. It emerged that the most critical factors were in the provinces of Como, Cremona, Lecco, Lodi, Brescia, Pavia and Varese, and the fault is reported to the delay of delivery of correspondence. Two themes emerged from the meeting concluded a few hours ago: the first is that the inefficiency of the Italian post office you are registered with a large regional territory, and the second is that, also as a result of the actions initiated by the Provinces, from February to today, there has been an improvement in services due to measures implemented by Poste Italiane, which have provided for the hiring of new staff. “The one this morning was a positive because it allowed us to record all the critical issues and take stock of the situation on a regional scale, – said the provincial councilor Paul Bertocchi, present at the meeting. The Provinces of Varese and Brescia, also in the name of all the others, have asked that this table will continue to work on the theme, in order to be able to make a timely verification of the situation, but mainly to monitor that the improvements adopted to become structural and are not related to the disaster of the last few months. It is evident that the hope of all is that the mistakes are not repeated and that the announced future restructuring of Poste Italiane to take into account what happened in order not to register a new decline of the service. Finally, the Province of Varese, asked the post and the Region, the convocation of a Table of the provincial for the month of may is useful in a verification of the territorial. For our part, in fact, we will continue the follow-up work with the Municipalities to record any problems and the service of poste italiane, and other vectors on private, which carry out delivery of correspondence and in relation to which we have already had reports of delays.”

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