Regional elections in Molise 2018: dates, and possible candidates


Published on Mar 13, 2018


A few days after the end of the elections in 2018, the topic of the election continues to dominate the scene. This is not only because the formation of the new government is still in the high seas, but because a little more than a month you will return again to vote. More precisely, to return to the polls will be the adult citizens of the molise in the framework of the regional Elections in Molise 2018. Despite the vote lacks very little, with the official date recently set after a long debate, the election campaign is in high sea, and considered that even very sides have not managed to find even their candidate for president to the region.

However, it is likely that the outcome of the vote in italy's Molise region may be influenced by what is going to happen throughout the next month in Rome. To say it will be the polls on election Molise 2018 that will be triggered as soon as there is clarity about the lists that show up at the polls.

The regional elections in 2018 in Molise have been shifted to the spring. Initially, in fact, even the regional Molise would be due to hold last march 4, 2018, in conjunction with regional authorities in Lazio and Lombardy, but later, because of issues regarding the new electoral law in force, the vote in italy's Molise region was moved in the spring. But when there will be the regional elections in Molise? At the end of January has been confirmed and made official the date to the 22 April 2018. The new law provides for a single board, the majority prize to whoever gets the most votes and the elimination of the list of the majority.

The threshold of the barrage was marked at 8% for coalitions, and 3% for individual lists. The deadline for the submission of lists has been set for 12 noon on 24 march. The electoral law for the regional elections in Molise, using thresholds of the barrier is very high, it aims to avoid the presence of a strong fragmentation among the various teams.

The only certain news about the regional elections in Molise relate to the dates. With regard to, in fact, the chapter candidates and lists is all on the high seas. Paolo Di Laura Fracture has in fact chosen not to apply for the second term. Uncertainty in the Center-left, where there was talk of the candidacy of Antonio Di Pietro, which he refused saying that he was busy with the olive harvest. The situation is similar for the candidate of the centre-Right to the regional elections in Molise.

Initially, Michele Iorio had given his availability to stand as a candidate only to then take a step back. Meanwhile, the coalition would like to focus on a new face. About Enzo Di Giacomo, who soon chose him to draw back. With regard to the Movement 5 Stars check the name of Antonio Federico, already a candidate in 2011 and in 2013. But the regional councillor has been elected to the Parliament, preferring to run in the general elections of 4 march. In the end it was chosen as a candidate Andrea Greco, which has collected as many as 212 preferences. Energy for the uk has chosen to focus on Michael Marone.

In short, reading this string of names, it would seem, really, that the chapter regional elections in Molise 2018 candidates both on the high seas.

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