Published on Apr 28, 2016

In the techno scene european there is a catering for every taste label called ‘Involve’, which is home to great artists like Pär Grindvik that soon will release a beautiful LP (HERE) or the Italian Boston168, of the upcoming release for the Attic.
The owner is the Italian-Spanish Regal, century Gabriel Cassina, who has prepared an amazing four-track EP titled “Salie“, to be released in may in vinyl format and digital.

We had the pleasure of listen to in the preview Salie Regal: it is structured around the grungy sound of the TB-303, the legendary little beast of Roland, symbol of the sound “acid” from its birth until today, and that our loves – just give a listen to his previous releases, such as the wonderful “Repeat” (INV008). The sound of the genuine in fact it is found in all four tracks and surprises for the capacity of integration in textures that are also relatively far away from the acid pure.

Often, in fact, the voice of the 303, egocentric in its nature, puts you in the centre, opening and closing up in his mantra of obsessive that accompanies the entire song, while behind her stands a pad depicting scenarios that are taken directly from the ambient world, capable of still another type of argument. The contrast is truly remarkable, quite new and very well weighted. The four tracks present a great variability.

In the opening we have “Communications“, a unique air electronic scanned by a time-very slow, a beat away from techno classica, in which a dreamy aurora borealis acoustic version moves slowly in the deep night, sidereal expanding in all of the headroom, while on Earth the 303 sends the signals towards civilization invisible, waiting for a response and never log off. Follows the more traditional “knee-jerk feelings“, stainless, straight, and legs that go on their own, obsessively, as if reading from a script, in which a choir rather sinister is the most variable part, rises and falls, relentless, trascinandoti in a movement where you become one with him and you'll forget everything that's around you.

You're forced to return to earth for just a moment, to turn the disc, because on the B-side we find the spectacular title track, this time more bright, but always decidedly techno. A nice kick, full-bodied, very closed, almost as heard through a wall or from under the water, enriched by the ever-present 303 which apparently incitarti continuously and other rhythmic elements that drive the track like a high speed train.

Beautiful is the simple theme that is based on agreements with a vaguely dub-techno, floating in mid-air reverberated and echoing above the head, sometimes very open, but who go periodically to close, give the style from the club to the song. It is one of those pieces that you could listen for up to six hours in a row without getting tired. In closing, we find perhaps the track with the title most beautiful, “Tears of God“, which is also the most complex rhythmically speaking, with the 303, this time, does not have the sort of universal glue, but rather interacts with the melodic elements and voice that responds to the pad.

This time then is less to his role as a bassline and dare to real speech, with his notes at the mo’ lasered vaguely aphex-twiniane – even if there are points in which we discover that the bottom is smooth and round in the background is always you, and we realize the compositional elegance precisely because of the difficulty to distinguish the two roles of the 303, which are interwoven with great naturalness and become a single thing in the parts where the beat falls silent momentarily. A work truly original, powerful and elegant. In the pure style of the Regal.

Paul Castelluccio

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