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Published on Dec 18, 2019


Redneck has a peculiarity: is able to combine a very interesting the vampire with a gangster story classic in the style of Martin Scorsese with the movie just came out on Netflix The Irishman, he has crafted a trilogy gangster completed by goodfellas and Casino).

The events involving the Bowman and Landry in Texas is to thicken more and more, and in the fourth volume (here you can find the reviews of volumes one, two and three), they add to the twists and also the entrance of new characters. With Bartlett reduced in poor conditions, and his bride July is willing to do anything to save him, and therefore turns to the dangerous Carrona. In exchange, the latter will ask for a support in the management of the canteen of the blood-doped.

Compared to the usual scenarios of the first three volumes, in which the texan city of Waco was a master, in this new piece of history is evident as the Mexico with the location of Asylum del Muerto, a place where it acts, the band of Carrona. The colors and the setting itself of the action change, by dominating the desert. And this atmosphere, combined with the presence of the vampires, seems to invoke a bit of From Dusk till Dawn, Robert Rodriguez, with Quentin Tarantino protagonist.

Never as in this volume the protagonists of Redneck, with which we have empatizzato above, will be made so difficult. Bartlett is the character in which, until now, the focus of the comic. His health conditions are desperate, but the author Donny Cates has reserved a surprise for the readers, and the character at the end of the volume will also undergo a change surprising.

Talking to the screenwriter of Redneck there is to highlight how Cates is very good at creating an atmosphere, and in the building of great dialogues between the characters (his vision so dark, but human in the series, Venom is one of the strong points of the comic). And even in Redneck, in spite of the protagonists are vampires, Cates manages to exalt their human side.

How would think and act a vampire if it actually existed? That the sensations and feelings that feel? Cates is really good to try to give an answer to all these questions. And the point of force of Redneck is definitely the depth and the extreme humanity of the protagonists. While the bad Carrona is still to be investigated.

Excellent are also the designs of Lysander Estherren, who manages to make it even more dirt your tract, making it even more expressive. The end result is a style that comes very close to what Eduardo Risso has used in his work on 100 Bullets.

In short, this new volume of Redneck introduces many narrative elements interesting. This is a real transition. While up to now the protagonists of the story were dropped in a dimension purely urban, and horror/gangster story, in this volume of the assume elements of pure fantasy and the esoteric.

But the component of the gangster is not deleted, rather it thickens. The trafficking of Carrona open to one strand of the story that could evolve in an interesting way in the next few volumes. And with the big change that is introduced in the last pages there is to imagine that there will be action galore await readers in the new volume.

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