Red...the iPhone! Here are a few accessories not to be missed if you missed the new Product(RED)


Published on Apr 16, 2018


The week starts on, Apple launches new iPhone 8 Product(RED) and we propose the accessories not to be missed! Key word: red!

Let's start from a nice cable for your iPhone or iPad in version jeans red! Thanks to the lining in the jeans, it is a cable which is very durable and perfect to always carry in your backpack. The price is 3,32€.


You already have an iPhone 7 or 8 Plus? Here is the right housing to transform the color of your device! Case, the rigid plastic is slightly rubberized and quite protective. It is not certain protection rugged, but does his duty. To take her home, serving 2,35€. It is available not only in red but in other colors to suit all tastes.

Instead, if you have an iPhone 8 or 7 normal, we present a case of soft TPU, the most durable, but always red! The price is 3,50€.

The arrival of spring and the desire of music! What other accessory red can colour this season? One speaker to bluetooth! Gearbest offers a 6,92€ a nice small speaker bluetooth red. It is certainly a case from the performance amazing, but it is a very good product to use without any particular worries.

If you already have an iPhone Product(RED) and you want to protect it, while maintaining the fantastic red finish, here are two covers of transparent, highly protective, you make your. The price of 2,25€ for the Plus version and 1.58€ for the standard version.

Items offered at a promotional price are subject to limitation by the seller.

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