Red Dead Redemption looks like another game on Xbox One X


Published on Apr 12, 2018


Red Dead Redemption was recently added to the long list of titles that will receive a patch that will improve its appearance on Xbox One X, also including a bump to 4k resolution.

Today, thanks to a video posted online by ElAnalistaDeBits, we can take a look at the new version of the famous title through a detailed comparison with the original version of the game, the Rockstar Games (and the differences seem to be really amazing).

The textures are much more crisp, the details are emerging from the surrounding environment, and even the horizon seems to be more beautiful than ever. But you can give it a look below and judge for yourself:

Waiting for the release of the sequel to the game (alas, definitely not for too long), maybe we can kill some time by spending a few more hours in Red Dead Redemption; but, of course, this time in 4K.

What do you think? Do you want to serve in the hand of the game? You Can Buy Red Dead Redemption 2? Please let us know via a comment below!

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