Red Dead Redemption 2: rare or curious, and where to find them – PART 2


Published on Nov 19, 2018


We remind you again that if you want to read our review on Red Dead Redemption 2, you can find here. As we said in previous articles, the masterpiece from RockStar Games never ceases to amaze, and continues to, giving us a tidal wave of curiosity, the secret places and events to discover.

In PART 1 of this article we showed you the first ten places and curious objects to be found in the Red Dead Redemption 2, this after having talked about how to get to Mexico and Guarma, and after having explained how to find the Animals Legendary in the game.

As promised in the last article, this time we will focus in particular on the and firearms, with some nice addition to impress the enemies. Here we present the second part of the list with the ten objects and the place where we can find them:

10. Granger's Revolver

Let's start with a bang, this gun is partially modeled on that actually existed called the Cattleman Revolver that was provided by the army since 1873. It is a six shots with a of beautiful engravings, and finished in dark metal. To obtain it we will have to challenge you to a duel Emmet Granger, that we will find in her small farm just to the east of the station Flatneck. To unlock the mission we will have to review a photo after you have accepted the mission of the gunman in the Valentine

09. Midnight's Pistol

It is a rare gun, Mauser gold-plated with custom engraving and wooden handle with a maximum capacity of 10 rounds. This gun has been partially modeled on that actually existed called the Mauser C96, made up to the end of the years ’30 of the twentieth century. We will be able to get it after a duel on a train to Valentine, when we accept the mission and Gunslinger. We can unlock this mission by examining the photo of Midnight. At that point we will have to go to the post office, Rhoades and talk with the clerk. We will finish up and then on the train and we will find Midnight you are alcolizzando and with which we will end up in a fire fight in the cause of the excess alcohol

08. Calloway's Revolver

It is a gun that we will be able to take in the mission “The most noble of men, and a woman”. In this mission we face a series of duels and winning the last battle with such a Slim Grant, we will be able to take his beautiful weapon. It is a magnificent revolver with engravings of metal and the barrel is there is written in Latin, “Canis Canem Edit”, which means dog-eat-dog. A clear reference to the video game rock stars of 2006, Bully to Canis Canem Edit

07. Rifle Rare

It is a powerful rifle that you can find in two different points in the game. He has a football in wood, beautifully carved. The easiest way to get it is to duel with a recluse angry that he has a shack isolated in Manito Glade, just north of Annesburg. As soon as we get closer to his lair will start to shoot against, eliminating him, we will be able to get this beautiful rifle, but be careful, if not we will take now the gun and we shall go away, shall not find him more back

06. Action Revolver Double

To find this weapon double we will have to go in Lemoyne between Lonnie's Shack and Pleasance. There we will find the hiding place of a band. All that we have to do is jump in the den and fire at will, with a bit of luck beccheremo all the members of this band rival intent on playing cards. After sent all to the creator, we will have to look for in a back room under the bed

Red Dead Redemption 2: rare or curious, and where to find them – PART 2




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