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Published on May 09, 2018


Red Dead Redemption 2 will be the first game of Rockstar Games for the current generation of consoles, this developer new york keep it in mind and, in fact, is focusing a lot on this title, starting from the commercial aspect, but also, and especially, in order to exploit the potential of new machines to offer the best gaming experience possible.

As many now know, Red Dead Redemption 2 is set in the America of 1899, and we find ourselves in the role of Arthur Morgan, one of the members of the band Van der Linde and the right arm of the Dutch, in a period antecedent to that of the first title of the saga. Of the story unfortunately not much is known, except for the fact that at the beginning of the game we will have to act for a big hit that unfortunately will go up in smoke, putting in big trouble the whole of our band.

However, for those who have played the first chapter of the series there will be several familiar faces, including Bill Williamson, Javier Escuella, and John Marston. Our band will be the hub from which will radiate the majority of the missions, with which we can interact with different members of the gang and ask for their help by taking us to the robbery, or, when the stomach is fading, some hunting. We will not, however, a fixed abode, and often our camp will move during the story, as was natural at the time, and also for reasons of “judicial”.

Here we present the third official trailer recently released by Rockstar Games a few hours ago:

There is to say, before going to the interview, which we talked about at the beginning, which already the predecessor, the original Red Dead Redemption had great gameplay, that had made her fall in love millions of gamers around the world, tying them inextricably to this series. But now it seems that Rockstar Games has in the pipeline of ideas even more innovative for this sequel.

In fact, in an interview, is the co-director of Rockstar North, Rob Nelson, to explain some of the new features of the game and other that already knew, but depth in particular. One of the technical aspects the most interesting are the deaths in slow motion, also called Bullet-Time, already known titles like Max Payne and Sniper Elite, or even in the movies such as the Matrix.

These deaths as if in slow motion, will give the player the feeling of the impact of every bullet that will be fired, with dynamic, procedural, regarding the slow motion, with the shots that match perfectly the action based on the shot that we will snipe any and what we do. But it will not be just a mere look of film, these effects we bring best in the reality of the game by helping to build an experience that will give you the feeling of playing in the first person through the character.

Then with regard to the firearms, they will be much more realistic and more authentic than in the past. This, however, does not preclude some aspects of the game, in fact, the motto of which is clear in Nelson right now is “the balance between realism and fun is always our challenge”. Very well kept, in fact, are the technical aspects of the individual weapons, to also have a wide choice in terms of the different mechanical properties of each of the revolver and the rifle.

We can then choose a weapon automatic, semi-automatic, or, if we are lovers of the old style, we can opt for a weapon that requires a reload for every shot fired. These aspects are without doubt interesting and give a game depth and immersion of the player unprecedented. In addition, compared to the first chapter of the series was introduced, a substantial difference with regard to firearms, and that is, that it will not be possible to carry along all the weapons that we want. This will force us to take with us only a pistol and a heavy weapon for a time, to choose according to our needs of the moment.

Another item rather interesting thing about the game is the horse, which will no longer be a simple means of locomotion, but it can be used as additional inventory, we also have to take care of our relationship with him and have attention about his personality. Some of the horses, in fact, you would be scared in particular situations, and it is up to us, therefore, subdued condition, give him to eat, to drink and improve our relationship with them in order to make them more useful and efficient as possible.

The most inflated of the titles of today's generation, but where Red Dead Redemption 2, it seems, is willing to stand as an evolution of the concept of the genre is the open world. The world in which we will have to play in fact it seems more alive than ever and can be moulded to our liking depending on our actions. Each element that surrounds us, in fact, will have her independent life with which we can interact to trigger new situations.

In the interview, in fact, talked about this new concept of open world, and Nelson has explained precisely how it can change, depending on our actions, the world that surrounds us. For example, if you leave someone dead in the middle of the desert of the far west, the corpse will attract mostly vultures, coyotes, and other animals, the scavengers. If, instead, we will leave a few dead, scattered about the city, the consequences could be far more serious, with the inhabitants, which will begin to fear us and hate us, therefore limiting the possibility of dialogue with them.

In fact, often we can try and chat with an opponent, or a sheriff in order to avoid a fire-fight, or even intimidation of potential witnesses of a crime to prevent speak with the authorities and that crime is discovered and condemned. Also the same soul of the hero will be in our hands, in fact, it will be up to us to decide if Arthur Morgan will be a criminal with a very tender heart or evil.

Compared to the first Red Dead Redemption, which had a system tied to Fame, in this second chapter we will treat the appearance of character of our protagonist through a system of Honor, trying to soil the less can our criminal record to not make us too sophisticated, and with the possibility of wearing a bandana to conceal our face in order to avoid to penalize too much this statistic with our crimes.

Unfortunately, it's not leaked any details regarding the multiplayer mode, which is mostly assumed and fantasticata from different rumors.

Finally, we remind you that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the 26th of October 2018.

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