Red Dead Redemption 2: how to get to Mexico and other secret places


Published on Nov 10, 2018


On Red Dead Redemption 2 has really said everything and more, and if you want to read our review can be found here. But the masterpiece from RockStar Games never ceases to amaze and seems to really like the famous Mary Poppins bag, from which they continue to go out more and more discoveries and news about it.

Those of which we tell you about today are a couple of glitches found by a YouTube channel called ZacCoxTV who has found a way to reach the inaccessible places of the map, which probably will be part of future DLC for Red Dead Redemption 2.

Some of you rightly ask, but what is vast and rich content to the map of the game, there was a real need to go exploring beyond its borders? The answer in this case, especially for the curious and for those who don't pose it never limits, it is of course, yes.

But let's go in chronological order starting from the first glitch proposed by the aforementioned youtuber, this will bring us in the mexican region, through deserts covered with bare and sporadic vegetation, up to an old fort, abandoned that will be fully explorable, here you are the video in question and how to be able to reach this new area.

Like all the glitches, of course, they will expect to find who knows what, in fact, this part of the map has several holes, starting from the textures not loaded, or the poor, and from the few interactions with the surrounding landscape. It is, however, a curious pastime with which to discover new and unexplored potential of this game, that will certainly be expanded and expressed in all their beauty below.


Red Dead Redemption 2: how to get to Mexico and other secret places is




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