Red Dead Redemption 2: animals legendary and where to find them


Published on Nov 13, 2018


If you want to read our review on Red Dead Redemption 2, you can find here. As already mentioned in the last article about the glitch to get to Mexico and Guarma, the masterpiece from RockStar Games never ceases to amaze, giving a tide of curiosity, to the secret places and events to discover.

Today we will talk about animals legendary in Red Dead Redempion 2, we could find fourteen and kill them it will be very useful to get in good with the trapper, in addition to obtaining equipment that are unique and rather powerful. The search for these creatures we will be facilitated by the appearance of a warning on the screen when we enter in their territory and on the mini-map we will find a marker with the drawing of the animal.

But to make everything even more easy and immediate, we report here on the map all the locations of the different animals. In addition, for those who have the patience to get to the bottom of the article, you will be revealed the other three animals legendary of add-ons that are not covered in this list and on the map. The main recommendations that we give you when you will be drawn to the research of these animals is to be armed at all points, and send via our horse before starting the hunt for the most ferocious. For the rest, we need a good dose of patience and a bit of practicality with the game, following the tracks of the animals and preparing for challenges.

Here below you will find the location of the fourteen Animals Legendary, we're going to talk about specifically in the rest of the article:

14. Panther

We will be able to find it north of Gaptooth Ridge, in the area in the extreme west of the map. At the beginning of the game you will not be able to reach it because of the bounty hunters that chase; but once you have continued the main plot of our adventure, we have the opportunity to hunt him down;

13. Antilocapra

As for the panther, we will need to advance in our adventure to reach this place. in fact, this agile and fast creature will be found to the East of the fort Mercer, to the south of the region of the Rio Bravo, in the vicinity of the island in the middle of the river

12. Bison

The bisonte is located in a region inaccessible at the beginning, and we have concluded the Chapter 6 for it. We will have to reach a place in the south of Thieves Landing, where the San Luis River flows into the lake

11. Deer

This animal we can find to the north of the lake Owanjila, in the Big Valley of West Elizabeth. To make it easy to search we suggest to go to the west of the Strawberry towards the lake and, once you reach it, go north and keep close to the wooded areas

10. The Ram Bighorn

This stubborn aries, you will find it between the pond Cattail and the Dakota River. To get there just continue to the west of Valentine, pointing towards the pond, just past the via train, we will find ourselves in the territory of this animal

09. White Buffalo

this wonderful animal we can find on the shore north-west of lake Isabella, in the mountains of Ambarino. As a reference to find it we will have the island in the middle of the lake

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