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Published on Dec 29, 2017


You have switched to a new iPhone and don't know how to retrieve the contacts? Or have you abandoned Android and you forgot to make a backup? In both cases we have the right answer for you!

What we are doing today, in fact, is to find out how to retrieve iPhone contacts by importing them from an old device or sincronizzandoli with your cloud account. The procedure is quite simple and within the reach of all. What you need to do is get comfortable with your new iPhone and follow the steps that we will explain.

The easiest method to transfer your contacts from the old to the new the iPhone is to take advantage of the method provided by Apple. With iCloud we can download all your personal data directly at the time of the first configuration. If you're not sure you have made a backup of your contacts from your old device, first of all we recommend you to read this article and understand how to do to find out.

If you have a bit of familiarity with the world of Apple, you already know that any device with an Apple ID automatically sync your contacts with iCloud. This can come in really useful in the most extreme cases, because all your phone numbers are stored in your personal page.

In the case where the first iPhone had an Android device, you can use your Google account to retrieve contacts. To do this we'll use Gmail. This requires a Google account already registered on your iPhone. You can add simply by going into Settings/Accounts/Add Account.

A VCF file is an archive that contains contacts, and easily transferable. Whether you have created from the address book of an iOS or Android device, you can easily import it on your new iPhone.

You will not have to do anything other than drive-replace it, or transfer between the two devices using a PC or the Cloud. Once received, simply click on it to make sure that all your phone numbers are imported.

As a last alternative, you can recover iPhone contacts by sending the VCF file via email. Also in this case, just open it and import it.

You want to know more about how to make the most of your iPhone? You have a weapon of incredible between the hands, but you are afraid of not being able to pull off the best? We have everything you need right to you!

Now that you have understood how to recover iPhone contacts and transfer them on your new smartphone Made by Apple, you can again riappropriarvi of all your phone numbers.

Although at first glance the guide may seem hard to follow, after a first attempt you will find that it is a no-brainer. Then, if you don't want to miss a news on the world of technology, what do you say about us on our page Facebook?

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