Records Men and Women: the return of an old suitor

Published on Mar 11, 2017

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No big surprises in the new recordings of the Throne a Classic, starting from the presence among the suitors of the troniste Desiree and Pink of a well-known face: that of Mariano Catanzaro, boy of naples, who in the past had already fratto appreciated by the audience as a suitor Valentina Dallari and decided to propose it only for the beautiful brazilian because it was very impressed by her smile.

Meanwhile, the troniste have shot their first external, leaving both with George that it is better found with the Popper. Rosa, however, as they reveal the latest news of Men and Women, is at the center of the controversy because she already knew one of the suitors, Alex, before entering so that you exchanged a text message while they were both boyfriends. It's a detail that nobody likes, even if Tina gets to now her defenses.

Instead Soleil Sorgé decided to go out in the outside is with Luca Onestini, who, with his colleague and rival on the throne Brand Cartasegna. The first told not to be angry because he wants to see Marco, even if it seems strange that the outside with the other tronista came after her. Soòeil try to kiss him, he moves but in the end he goes back and hugs her. A gesture that does not like to Giulia, and more convinced than ever that you should not trust him.

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