Records Men and Women: a welcome return, and many discussions

Published on Sep 15, 2017

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A lot of surprises in the third registration of the Throne of Classic Men and Women, but the main one is the confirmation of what he had anticipated a few weeks ago, the well-known journalist of gossip Alberto Dandolo. In the studio, in fact, is back Mario Serpa that will join Tina Cipollati and Gianni Sperti as a pundit. The former suitor and the choice of Claudio Sona very much like the public, already knows the dynamics of the dating show of Maria De Filippi and his return has been commented on on the web in a manner very favorable.

Continue, meanwhile, to the outside of the new tronisti of Men and Women, and there was no shortage of controversy. The centre especially Mattia Marciano, accused by many of not tell the whole truth about the relationship with suitor Win. To doubt, is above all the other tronista Paul Crivellin and fellow suitors Nilufar who says that he has already seen around a lot of fanpage on the possible new couple of Men and Women. But it also complains about Valentina: in the summer, she and Mattia were exchanged for the number of phone calls, now came to court him right and he has not even brought outside.

Paul has led in outer-Angela, victoria, and Esther. With the first it went well because they both love dogs and she has made it known to your beagle, even if the girl has admitted to having let herself go as she had done with Matthias. Victory is the contention between the two and is still not decided. Sabrina Ghio has brought out the two Nicholas and Fabrizio. Especially with the latter, there was agreement, however, he has known his ex tronista has proved embarrassing. Finally Alex Migliorini came out with Matteo, Alessandro and Claudio. Intense above all, the encounter with Alessandro who has told him when he said to his father being gay and between the two there was a moment accomplice.

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