Recipes quick and easy for the summer: cold pasta pesto, zucchini and speck


Published on Jul 27, 2019


You are hunting for a very simple recipe to prepare in a few minutes? A first dish to be good but also fresh and simple to prepare? Among the recipes that come from the kitchen of the Latest News Flash, today here is the cold pasta with the pesto zucchini. In addition to being a dish very easy to everyone is also a great dish that gives a nod to the price. A economic dish, simple to prepare, good, and perfect for the summer; what more can you ask for? Let's see together how to prepare this recipe.

For the variants without gluten, simply use gluten free pasta

The recipe contains no lactose

Ingredients for two people: 1 zucchini large or two medium zucchini, oil, onion, 180 grams of pasta ( in this case, penne ) , salt

We begin with the preparation of the zucchini. The cut into cubes. In a pan put a drizzle of olive oil and let cook the zucchini for about fifteen minutes. If we want a version that is even lighter than the pot we can boil the zucchini, but the flavor will be slightly different. While we do have the courgettes, prepare the pasta. Down the pasta still al dente, since the pasta cold, better to remove at least a couple of minutes before the end of cooking. When the zucchini are ready move them in the mixer, and the blend so as to obtain a pesto sauce while the zucchini are in the mixer attach to the wire of the oil.

Down the pasta and season with the pesto zucchini. While we let the dough cool down we take a pan anti adherent and do skip the bacon. Combine the cold pasta, looking forward to that cool, and if we want we can eat at this temperature, otherwise we put it in the fridge to cool.

Our cold pasta is ready, all we can do is enjoy it.

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