Recipes Cooked and Eaten, tasty croissants for breakfast


Published on Apr 17, 2020


They are delicious and fluffy croissants to Cooked and Eaten suggested today by Tessa Gelisio. And’ the recipe Cooked and Eaten the croissants for breakfast, a quick and easy recipe, with the packet of dry yeast, or better yet brewer's yeast. Double rise but one should not wait for a long time, the first two hours, and then only 40 minutes. We can stuff our croissants Cooked and Eaten with the jam that we prefer, or with the chocolate but they will be delicious even simple or garnished after cooking. complete with the icing sugar and we will have the breakfast for the whole family. Here are the new recipes Cooked and Eaten the recipe of croissants with ricotta cheese.

Ingredients: 450 g type 0 flour, 1 sachet of dry yeast or brewer's yeast, 1 tablespoon sugar, 250 g of ricotta cheese, 100 g sugar, 1 egg, 70 g of soft butter, 1 lemon, 2 egg yolks, milk q.b.

Preparation: in a bowl, pour half a glass of warm water (45 degrees), add the yeast and then adding a teaspoon of sugar to activate the yeast.

In a bowl, largest mix the ricotta with a fork and combine 1 egg, 100 g sugar, 70 g of soft butter and the zest of 1 lemon grated, work the whole.

In another bowl, combine the yeast 450 g of flour, stir with a fork and combine the two compounds, we work first in the bowl and then on a pastry board. We get a soft and elastic dough.

Let stand covered with foil for 2 hours. With the help of a little flour and a rolling pin to roll the dough to obtain a rectangle. We do a cleat every 10 cm and create a triangles. At the center of each triangle put a little bit of jam, roll and let it rise for 40 minutes. Put it in the oven at 170 ° c already achieved for about 40 minutes-ventilated place. Complete with the icing sugar.

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