Readout, the speed speaks Italian! – Review

Published on May 11, 2017

Readout shows on our screens in the frenzy of historical race game, with a soul arcade in italy!

At the time of the first Playstation (and I do not say the year in order not to feel incredibly old) I was literally lost for a racing game futuristic, which means were driven by a motor with magnetic levitation, engaged in races to the edge of the impossible on circuits absurd. I bet that some veteran of the video games has the tear of nostalgia, and is whispering WipeOut, mindful of the many emotions (and curses) that has given us the title of Psygnosis.

This effect of nostalgia I was revived when a few days ago, when a friend of mine has reported that Steam was a title that came back in full of this passion of mine: Readout.

The satisfaction is that this indie game is a made in Italy product, created by the team of turin 34BigThings, which he used as point of departure a good knowledge of the game mechanics of great titles of the past (from F-Zero POD), so as to provide the player with an experience that is first of all engaging. Sign of the safety development team is the choice, currently little practiced by many developers and publishers, to offer potential players the chance to try out a demo, a respect for the player that is in itself already the fruit a pat on the back to 34BigThings!

In the Readout we are the drivers of fast vehicles race on a magnetic bearing whizzing at crazy speeds (other than the competitions falling on Malastare), engaged in different types of races (from the time of the crash) in a career that allows us to accumulate wealth to be exploited for the purchase of new cars and their upgrades.

The game structure for the ‘management‘, that of the box, we say, is classical, even if it has some interesting idea; the power ups are divided into two categories (Active and Passive), with a balance and variety that is well suited not only to our type of race, but that they also become the minimum requirements to participate in certain events.

The proper use of power ups is essential to the control system of Readout, that is, the real highlight of the title. The first race was quite challenging, thanks to my craze to use the keyboard instead of a joypad; in addition to the directional controls, 34BigThings has inserted the slide side and the control of the bearing gravity, which allows you to raise and lower the nose of our missile (with the 4 arrows). It is apparently a detail, but when you are engaged in a track where there are several climbs or turns of the death, raise the nose means to limit the friction, to avoid that the bow of our loose cannon touches the runway; a similar device was the demonstration that behind the Readout there is a study that is not only graphics but also the concept, with a will to enter a real physics in a game is extremely arcade.

After it has bounced and had crashed several times, I switched to the joypad (both the 'old' Xbox 360 that the Steam Controller), and the feeling was that of greater control; not satisfied with the visual spectacle of the monitor of the PC, by using the Steam Links are passed to a 42" screen, and if before, I was amazed, I was ecstatic, an experience even more adrenaline!

Because Readout is one of the best incarnations of racing games arcade. The atmosphere created by 34 BigThing is simple, but a simplicity that hits the player on the right strings, from music to sound effects, with games of light and a palette of colors that astonish, while whizzing by at incredible speeds around us. Some of the tracks show the color combinations questionable, probably designed to confuse our perception of the speed, but the contour, the buildings and the environments around the tracks, are built in order to remember the appearance of the old securities to which Readout is inspired.

The right for us not to miss anything in the game is also included a mode on-line, to put ourselves to the test against other players!

With Readout is no longer a matter of wanting to build a graphics breath-taking, but to offer the player the feeling of being at the centre of an exciting race, that is exactly the spirit that we put on our helmet and sfrecceremo on those paths!

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