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Published on Aug 31, 2017


505 Games and 34BigThings are pleased to announce that Readout, the award-winning the title of anti-gravity racing, is now finally available in physical formats PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the special edition Readout: Lightspeed Edition.

The console gamers can finally put to the test, their reflections in the most action-packed video game of anti-gravity racing that has ever been designed, characterized by an artificial intelligence state-of-the-art, 35 tracks located in six different locations, online races for up to six players and the new split-screen mode that will allow you to challenge your friends in exciting races head-to-head.

Readout: Lightspeed Edition includes a career mode competitive with over 100 different races. There are 11 types of different events, including Time Trial, Race, Resistance, Race Arena, Speed and Survival. The pilots have four different classes of vehicles, progressively faster, in addition to a choice between seven different teams, each with its distinctive design, driving style, its strengths and its weaknesses.

The ships can also be enhanced, by choosing to focus on the motor, the magnets, the structure or the energy, or you can install one of the 12 power ups available, including: turbo additional, the system grip advanced, the enhancer of the wake, and many others.

Readout is the game's futuristic anti-gravity racing, which has already conquered the PC players in 2017. The driving model is based on a complex and advanced physics engine that makes the experience of driving fast, demanding, and uncompromising, just like the much loved driving games from which it takes inspiration.

The shading shining and the lighting system, as allowed by the Unreal Engine 4 and applied to the style “low poly” of the vehicles, creates a fantastic and highly distinctive aesthetic style. The alloy racing futuristic is set in the 2560, on an Earth semi-deserted and post-apocalyptic, as well as on other planets and moons colonized the Solar System as Neptune and Europe.

Finally, here is the brand new launch trailer Readout: Lightspeed Edition:


Readout: Lightspeed Edition – launch trailer is




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