Re:ZERO – Starting Life In Another World, online the launch trailer in English!

Published on Apr 21, 2018

At the beginning of this week, Funimation Entertainment has released online the trailer of the official launch, dubbed in English, and Re:ZERO – Starting Life In Another World, the new serious souls, which comes from the eponymous light novel written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Anime'ichirō Otsuka, who just this month has landed on newsstands and comic book store with J-Pop with the third chapter of the saga.

You can see it here below:

Subaru Natsuki, a young hikikomori (japanese word that indicates an individual who chooses to isolate themselves from social life) is being attacked by a group of criminals after being catapulted into a world of fantasy called Lugunica.

To his aid comes Emilia, a mezzelfa by the silver hair, the objective of which is to become the next queen of Lugunica.

Subaru, as a sign of gratitude, he offers to give her a hand after she discovered that her savior is on the trail of a young thief who has stolen an object, but, unfortunately, the two die while trying to accomplish this mission.

Despite the tragic end, Subaru wakes up suddenly in the same place in which it was evoked at the beginning of the story: he understands soon that he has received the gift to come back to life every time you die, by rewinding time and taking the knowledge in an undefined moment of the past, without, however, losing consciousness of past memories.

With the awareness of the pros and cons of untale power, Subaru launches therefore a dangerous adventure to rescue and defend not just Emilia, but also other persons with whom he befriends along the way.

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