Re:ZERO-Starting life in another world 3 on April 5 at the comic store

Published on Apr 02, 2018

Air news thanks to J-Pop Manga, after the bridge of easter, is re-emerging in liberia and the store with three new titles, starting with Re:ZERO, Starting life in another world 3 to continue with a Draw. – Kakukaku Shikajika, and The Pomme Provides.

In the third light novel of the phenomenon of Re:Zero, the Subaru is again trapped in a sequence of violent deaths, and resurrections from which you can get rid only by solving the mysteries that surround it.

The winner of the awards for the Manga Taisho and the Japan Media Arts Festival, is an autobiographical work of Akiko Higashimura in five volumes, recounts the journey undertaken by the author to fulfil his dream of becoming a manga artist.

Focus fundamental of all the manga is the most important meeting of his life, the one with his teacher Kenzo Hidaka, a surly master who obsessively repeats a single imperative: Draw! in fact.

This is a volume unique, surprising, and sensual, signed by Kenji Tsuruta, a manga artist, already much later, also in Italy.

The protagonist, Imari is a girl who loves cats and walk naked. Everything takes place in a Venice dream, where the mist hides the alleys in which they can happen, made, strange.

Jacopo Costa Buranelli, literary director of J-Pop Manga, he has called it a book of poetry in the comics:

The Pomme Provides is a real diary of love in the face of an experience.

As if it were a book of poetry to comics, with the style of a manga expert and talented as Kenji Tsuruta, cult author already of works such as Memories of Emanon.

The three volumes will be available in the store and the library, starting from 5 April!

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